Creating visual novels entries

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#1 by Ezezin
2022-05-14 at 13:20
< report >I would really appreciate if you double checked what games you add to VNDB. Some of them are definitely not visual novels and others are very borderline entries that might not be accepted.

Adding several entries with minimal information just increases the workload to other users, since we need to check for every missing information, tags, links, and now we need to check every game you added because they might not be VNs.
Do not trust what developers says about what kind of game they made or make judgments based on screenshots in websites or stores; we have different rules (d2) about what games are considered visual novels.Last modified on 2022-05-14 at 13:21
#2 by Ezezin
2022-06-22 at 14:37
< report >And you still keep adding games that aren't visual novels.
At first it was fine, we all make mistakes and you probably didn't read the FAQs or maybe you didn't know about it, but I told you several times to check what you are adding to the DB and you are still adding stuff that clearly aren't visual novels, while we have to check every game you add because we don't know if they belong here or not. And maybe this will surprise you, but that takes time, specially if other users also adds new entries.

This is my last warning: Double check the games you are adding or play them. Just because it looks like a visual novel or if a dev says so it's not enough. If you are unsure if it belongs here, ask in t7442.


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