Graduated from high school and entered a job ?

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#1 by fhc
2022-05-14 at 13:25
< report >The protagonist graduated from high school and entered a job without going to college? Natsuho is in high school and the protagonist is her sempai.

I'm surprised that in every other game I've played in my whole life the protagonist always graduated from high school and then went to college. In Japan is it possible to become a salaried employee in a company without college?

Or I am understanding the game plot line all wrong ?
#2 by AmanoKaze
2022-05-14 at 13:44
< report >Yes the protagonist got the job without getting into college. His previous school might be a specialized school, who knows. It's not that odd
#3 by cubky
2022-05-14 at 13:55
< report >I am more baffled by the fact that op seems to think college is necessary to get a job.
#4 by zakashi
2022-05-14 at 13:59
< report >You don't need to get to college in order to get a job, only some professions require a degree of some sort, while others don't require any type of education at all.
#5 by ravena
2022-05-14 at 14:05
< report >About half of the lower-level employees in my office don't have a college degree, so it's not unusual.
#6 by fhc
2022-05-14 at 14:09
< report >Thank you very much, for you guys answered my question, I really had the idea in my head that in Japan you could only get a job after graduating from college. I thought that without college it was only possible to work part-time or do heavy manual labor.

All knowledge that I have from japan is from games and animes, and in games and animes that I have contact always the protagonist go to college...Last modified on 2022-05-14 at 14:34
#7 by AmanoKaze
2022-05-15 at 01:30
< report >It's not just restricted to Japan m8, i'm from somewhere in Southeast Asia and my own sister got an office section in a retailer and she only graduated highschool
#8 by bobjr2000
2022-05-15 at 03:51
< report >Wait are you saying that japanese teenagers don't have horny virgins chasing them with harems either?
#9 by ravena
2022-05-15 at 09:37
< report >I'm pretty sure that harem part is real.


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