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#1 by dr-yjsnpi
2022-05-16 at 00:29
< report >I thought there will be more non-loli heroine in this VN, and I was wrong.
#2 by Ileca
2022-05-16 at 00:56
< report >I come for the lolis. I see no lolis. Sir, I would like to report a hustle.
#3 by dr-yjsnpi
2022-05-16 at 02:09
< report >Well, maybe my positioning of loli is too broad
#4 by Ppske
2022-05-24 at 15:35
< report >only imouto is loli
#5 by zakashi
2022-05-25 at 00:56
< report >As long as they are under 18 it should be fine. I guess there should be a tag for under 18 lolis because that's a whole new world to be explored.
#6 by Mrkew
2022-05-25 at 01:58
< report >Don't you mean under 13?
#7 by AmanoKaze
2022-05-25 at 03:33
< report >The little sister is more of a shorty than loli, unless you categorize it as that
#8 by usagi
2022-05-25 at 14:43
< report >Vndb strongly misses "the jailbait" category it seems. It would be the most useless tag since 99% of heroines are 16-17 y.o. though (second year of Japanese high school) - but such topics wouldn't appear.Last modified on 2022-05-25 at 14:45
#9 by zakashi
2022-05-25 at 15:07
< report >#6 Wow I didn't thought of that, you're right.

@8 We just pretend they are 18 because some disclaimers say so. Maybe High School in the anime world lasts longer or the characters are just stupid repeat students.
#10 by usagi
2022-05-25 at 15:21
< report >@9 It's not what I meant. I mean that it's only in world of SJWs 16 y.o. girls are "lolies". For normal people lolies are those under 13 - and those who are older are teens or, as many calls them satirizing modern laws - ''jailbaits'.
#11 by desann
2022-05-25 at 16:03
< report >Jailbait is actually opposite of loli - it's underage girl that looks like not underage.
While loli someone how looks like underage girl regardless of actual age.
#12 by Marc402
2022-05-25 at 16:20
< report >Yeah, loli is about appearance and not age. For age fetishes, you need to use the Sex Involving Children tag or the age field for characters instead.
#13 by usagi
2022-05-25 at 17:24
< report >@11 problem with that outlook is its extreme black-and-white approach without many degrees of in-between types of appearance - i.e. grey area. It's (probably deliberately) omisses the whole class of human developement - i.e. teenagers. Which have their own distinctive look strongly differing from both preteen and posteen appearance BUT don't have their own class/term due to political reasons. SJWs deliberately mixes teens with kids whereas lolicons deliberately mixes them with adults.

Jailbait is actually opposite of loli - it's underage girl that looks like not underage.
While it's definitely true for huge part of them (in fact so huge that it makes the whole concepts of "underage look" and "nonunderage look" pointless - showing that arbitrary line of 18 y.o. is extremely overraised and has nothing to do with physical developement) there are lot of teen girls (mostly early teens) with their own "teen" distinctive look - strongly differentiating them from both lolies and jailbaits. Maybe you right in that the term "jailbaits" should be applied mostly to late teens whereas early teens should have their own term.

What I mean is that:
1) characters from Wagamama High Spec looks like jailbaits/high schoolers
2) characters from Kakenuke★Seishun Sparking! looks like teens/middle schoolers
3) characters from Chicchakunai Mon! ~School Bus de Omukae Chu Chu♥~ looks like lolies/elementary schoolers

Classify both categories 2 and 3 as lolies is WRONG because difference between 2 and 3 is HUGE and much more distinct than between 1 and 2. The problem is that Japanese artists are not very able to draw proper middle schoolers - there aren't lot of canonical examples of them after all. They tend to draw them exactly like high schoolers - but just smaller. Which makes the whole difference between age groups too fuzzy. There are some manga artists who can do them better - mostly due to focus on their bones and bodies angularity - but it's a rarity. Most of them prefers to use the same adult body template - but making it smaller. It's no wonder there are so many people who likes to pile up all ages in the same "anime lolies" category - it's those lazy artists fault. If there would be established canonical template of how typical middle schooler teen girl should look - drastically different from both high-schoolers and preteens - it would be more difficult to make topics like that.Last modified on 2022-05-25 at 20:38
#14 by cy
2022-05-25 at 18:32
< report >#13 1. and 2. show examples of bigger oppai than are normal in Japan. To me, that invalidates the examples. 3. has a cartoonish elementary look, a class of loli, but I would also call 2. loli with some stylistic changes.
#15 by usagi
2022-05-25 at 19:44
< report >
3. has a cartoonish elementary look, a class of loli, but I would also call 2. loli with some stylistic changes.
If you can't see even obvious head-to-torso size ratio difference - I don't know what else I can say.Last modified on 2022-05-25 at 20:37
#16 by cy
2022-05-25 at 22:19
< report >I forgot how realistically proportioned anime heads are.


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