Weekly Polls 1: Favourite -Ge Genre

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#1 by KEVINNGW808
2022-05-24 at 14:21
< report >Hi. KEVINNGW808 here. This time, I will make weekly polls.
These polls act as surveys. So please vote what your favorites.
We can discuss together in comment if you have anything in mind.

So, lets start with first poll survey, favorite -ges genre.
There are lots of genres in Visual Novel. Now I want you to choose what's your favorite.

Didn't know these words? Here: link

Edit: There are lots of -ges that I don't know. You can comment what your favorite genres if you pick none of those options.Last modified on 2022-05-24 at 16:16
#2 by fenglengshun
2022-05-24 at 15:20
< report >kusoge lol.

I mean, I don't really enjoy playing it, but reading about them is fun. Shitting on them in general is fun.
#3 by diabloryuzaki
2022-05-24 at 15:33
< report >There is no clear definition for kamige, so when people said this vn is kamige doesn't mean that this vn will be kamige for me, moreover I didn't find clear differences between plotge and chuunige because sometime chuunige have complex setting
Didn't eroge and nukige is same as genre? I see moege and charage as same game
#4 by Mrkew
2022-05-24 at 15:33
< report >
Didn't know these words? Here: link
Follow your own advice because some of those aren't genres.
#5 by KEVINNGW808
2022-05-24 at 16:11
< report >Already edit. So this is now -ge genre favorite.
#6 by dostedt
2022-05-24 at 23:36
< report >This is weirdly worded. Moege is what I would pick, but many Moege are also eroge. Is the moege option specifically just for only All-Ages releases since eroge is a separate option? Or do I hit both moege and eroge since I don't like moege that have no h-scenes?Last modified on 2022-05-24 at 23:37
#7 by Ileca
2022-05-24 at 23:50
< report >Since when a moege can't be an eroge? I just don't understand people who think that genres are exclusive to each other. Most moege are charage. And nothing prevents one from being a nukige too, and have SF in it, etc.
#8 by KEVINNGW808
2022-05-24 at 23:59
< report >@6 Either both. If you like moege or eroge, why can't just pick both? It doesn't do anything about All-ages or H-Patch.
#9 by dostedt
2022-05-25 at 00:03
< report >#8 Kind of a hostile answer, don't you think? I guess I will pick both then. Do you really think it was that weird of a question? If you have moege and eroge as separate entries, it implies that they are separate things. I don't know what definition of eroge you are using, but normally, a moege with H-scenes is also considered an eroge. Having them as separate options implies that the moege does not have h-scenes in it, hence my questions in the earlier post.
#10 by KEVINNGW808
2022-05-25 at 00:10
< report >@9 Makes sense. Thanks.
#11 by cy
2022-05-25 at 01:32
< report >Why do folks keep moving the goalposts? It's all eroge. Kamige vs kusoge is a subjective judgment of quality, nukige is just strong eroge that can overlap with other genres. This thread is stupid.
#12 by Tremmy
2022-05-25 at 02:57
< report >A lot of redundancies in the options. All lolige are kamige and all chuunige are kusoge for example.
#13 by AmanoKaze
2022-05-25 at 03:31
< report >Since when a kamige is a genre lol. Why there's an option for "eroge" as well. Every 18+ games are eroges -_______-Last modified on 2022-05-25 at 03:32
#14 by Ileca
2022-05-25 at 03:52
< report >I can't wait for the poll next week by KEVIN No Good/Golden Week 808.
#15 by KEVINNGW808
2022-05-25 at 04:52
< report >#14 Lemme say you sarcastic, right? This poll is my first time. Next one is better. Lemme think what my poll for next.
#16 by cy
2022-05-25 at 07:16
< report >I do enjoy shitposting, so I sincerely look forward to the next poll. Here are some ideas:

* How ge are you? moege -> futage -> otokoge -> BLge -> barage
* Something something industry trends something vtubers something 2D-3D something Honey Select oppai Steam...
* (Since you removed the option) Favorite kusoge?
#17 by KEVINNGW808
2022-05-25 at 07:18
< report >#16 I'm sure you joking ._.
#18 by cy
2022-05-25 at 07:32
< report >When you troll for as many years as I have, it becomes a part of you and the line between "serious" and "joke" is faint, nigh non-existent. You have trolled this cave longer than I, so perchance your next poll will be more entertaining.
#19 by KEVINNGW808
2022-05-25 at 13:21
< report >#19 Yes. Lemme think what next poll.
#20 by usagi
2022-05-25 at 14:33
< report >All -ge are subgenres of charage since in all of them the characters are the most important and focus of the plot. The are couple of weird indie eolvns where characters are not important or even absent - but it's more exception than rule.
#21 by cy
2022-05-25 at 18:36
< report >VNs are generally certainly more character-focused, but I think people just voted on "plotge" and "charage" out of some dumb western perceived literary obligation. Character and plot are not genres, and while some may say that genre fiction is more plot-focused, genre is more like flavor that can be applied to anything. As such, "charage" and "plotge" are no more meaningful than "eroge" or "kamige".
#22 by Tremmy
2022-05-25 at 21:40
< report >Favorite kusoge does sound like a fun thread with a whole plethora of options. Also helps give the community a general idea of the VNs to avoid as well as long as it doesn't devolve into completely rampant shitposting. Obviously there is some subjectivity involved when discussing kusoge but there is probably some general consensus we can all agree on in that regard. Would be fun to see.Last modified on 2022-05-25 at 21:42
#23 by cy
2022-05-25 at 22:21
< report >I liked the KFC thread.
#24 by irehi
2022-05-26 at 01:19
< report >I demand favorite kusoge next week


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