The NTR route is terrible

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#1 by ravena
2022-05-28 at 22:25
< report >Not only the main heroine is a complete slut, offering handjobs and blowjobs to anyone who asks from the get-go, which destroys any illusion of her being stolen. But to make things even worse, the ending reveals that the main protagonist, the husband, wasn't even real in the first place.

It didn't feel like an NTR game at all, but like a generic nukige with a forced NTR overtone.
#2 by vo1se
2022-05-29 at 03:58
< report >Yeah it felt more like corruption than NTR, but if you play true love route first, you definitely get that NTR feeling
#3 by thebowkid
2022-05-29 at 06:42
< report >I think both routes were too simple. There is no gradual development, everything happened too quickly and the setting didn't help. Alice Soft older VNs are way better paced.
#4 by ravena
2022-05-29 at 11:46
< report >Yes, it's a really bad game for Alice Soft standards.
#5 by bobjr2000
2022-05-29 at 12:29
< report >Not a fan for ntr but that does feel like they got short end of stick. And I am guessing they don't say if one is canon or not because if so this could kind of ruin pure love route as well funny enough.
#6 by fhc
2022-06-20 at 00:52
< report >I do not played it yet, but, what does you means saying that the Protagonist in NTR route not exist ? he is a ghost or is all a illusion ? a dream ?
#7 by ravena
2022-06-24 at 17:21
< report >He is an artificial being created by the wife's father, and it turns into dust at the end of the game. Her memory was also manipulated to make her think she fell in love with him, so generally speaking, the whole premise on which NTR content is based is fake.
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