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#1 by NaioHoras
2022-06-04 at 14:33
< report >hi, Femboyz

first, I want to thank you for adding VNs to the db. however, I also want to remind you that you need to follow our romanization rule whenever you adding Japanese transcrption as this is not the first name you messed up the title.

you don't need to be fluent in Japanese to know the rule (although I really reccommend you to know at least the basics), and you can always use converters available around the net. I recommend this one link + Google Translate as it is almost accurate to our rule and only need a few adjustments following link.

and if you are not sure about a word, you can always search the word on the db itself and how we usually romanize it here.

thanks.Last modified on 2022-06-04 at 14:35
#2 by NaioHoras
2022-06-20 at 10:27
< report >that's it, I'm tired of fixing your edits.
you made too many mistakes in your contributions, but that is not a problem in itself as everybody can make mistake. however, what I cannot tolerate is that you are not a very cooperative person. I have warned you again and again in edit comments, but every time I do that, you made even worse edits than before. something that is impossible to happen unless you have malicious intent.

you add complete series under one VN entry v36496 (although, maybe you just don't know how to handle release so I won't fuse about it too much); you keep messing up the capitalization; you didn't use our romanization rule v36472.1 v35139.1 v35140.1 v34499.1; you translate the title that did not need to be translated v36461.1 v36476.1 v36486.1 v36513.2 v36515.1 v36511.3 v36530.1 v36562.1 v36602.1 v36601.1; you omitted some parts for unknown reason v36470.1; you didn't add the romanization v36441.1 v36436.1 v34733.1; you even added shits that has nothing to do with the title v36277.1 v36519.2

I don't know why you are doing this because looking at your list and desciption translations, you are more than capable than understanding Japanese, or just common sense in general (as expected for someone who put Antagonist in their profile though).
I don't want to resort to this, but your uncooperative behavior leaves me no choice. I hereby revoke your edit right and give you time to reflect yourself.Last modified on 2022-06-20 at 10:29
#3 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 13:28
< report >Hello,

If you're tired of fixing my edits, so be it. You shouldn't be a mod if that's the case.

However, you have been nothing but rude to me this entire time. I didn't reply to you because you came across as very harsh to me. So be it, but calling me "uncooperative" makes no sense. Many edits that you did fix were what I viewed as downright stupid or unneeded, such as the one you made for P-Chan.

To answer your question: no, I do not know Japanese. Believe it or not, foreigners are able to use translators... which I do use. I found it funny you were seemingly stalking my page for a bit, even made some jokes about you being my #1 fan, but you annoy me. How do you expect me to "give me time to reflect on myself" when you're basically pissy at me for not being fluent in one of the hardest languages to learn?

Also, why do you expect me to read EVERY SINGLE "edit comment" you make when half of them are just "tit"? And aren't you also the one who makes rude comments, like "I don't know why people who don't know Japanese keep adding novels"?

Oh, and MANY edits you made were unnecessary. "8thAlice", for example, was literally CALLED 8thAlice. In the description, in the game itself, even in the COVER that you could have read. But you changed that, dumbly, for some unknown reason. You don't need to romanize titles that already have official names.

If I could, I would straight up not romanize at all. But I NEED a romanisation to add releases. Do you realize how stupid that system is? People who don't know Japanese, or are still learning it, are forced to add something that they don't know in the slightest.

I'm not going to argue with you over this, because you seem to be on the same level as a Reddit mod. But I add many titles that I myself want to play. I don't know what you mean by "you add even worse edits," but I'm guessing it's when I reverted the P-Chan image because you seemed very pissy about that.

Also, do you seriously think I'm going to look up every single Japanese letter just to see how it's romanized? The mistakes are made because of Google Translate, which is by no means perfect. I'm not good in English, I know only a few letters in Japanese (such as boku, atashi, watashi, etc), and I know that I'm annoying but I'm trying my hardest.

I added the antisocial tag on my own profile for a reason, because apparently those are taken seriously. Yes, I "lack common sense" that is called the language barrier. I'm not good at talking. Many edits you made were downright unneeded. If you had just downloaded some games and checked yourself, you would have seen that.

I've been trying. I'm by no means perfect, but I'm trying my hardest. If you think revoking my edit right will change my lack of knowledge on the Japanese language, you must not know how these work. I have no malicious intent. Many edits I made, you can put in Google Translate and boom - you'll see my errors right there. I know many of them aren't good, but to add releases I need to add a romanisation title.

I'm stressed. Please, try to recognize that I'm not some troll. I'm trying my best.
#4 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 13:29
< report >I know that you may not have the ability to full on change the romanization rules for releases - but it's irritating regardless.
#5 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 13:32
< report >Also, Shoujo no Kami no Ryuushi HAS an official title. Why do you need to romanize titles that have already been translated?
#6 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 13:36
< report >Oh, and v36277.1... go to the website.


Would you look at that? It's the Japanese title. Shocking.
#7 by NaioHoras
2022-06-20 at 14:19
< report >thanks for replying this time. it shows how much uncooperative you are.

you know, we have users here that cannot speak Japanese or whatever native language the VN has. hell, most of the mods can't even speak Japanese. but they still get things right. why? through learning and effort. so I don't see why you cannot do it either aside from being self-centered.

one thing I can add is that everyhing have its own rule and custom, so does VNDB. you can complain how silly and stupid they are, but rules are rules, and you should follow them. we do take consideration of changing the guidelines if they make sense, but you can not expect an uncooperative newcomer who never familiarize themselves with the site to be taken seriously. so go ahead and read d5. they are in English btw if you did not notice, so no need to machine translate it.

why do you expect me to read EVERY SINGLE "edit comment" you make when half of them are just "tit"
it's funny that you confuse me with Ninius (and some other users as well) :3 but she made the right edits, so can't blame her.
#8 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 14:36
< report >Are you not going to respond to the fact that you made errors that can easily be found?

And why would I remember you by name? I don't know you.

And no, I'm not uncooperative. I'm trying my hardest. And I mentioned earlier, I'm also bad with English. I replied this time because I didn't need to respond last time.
#9 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 14:37
< report >I don't care if you revoke my ability to add visual novels, but I still need to edit characters.
#10 by beliar
2022-06-20 at 15:55
< report >
I didn't need to respond last time
Man, what an entitled b...oy you are. A mod wrote you a message chastising you for making many mistakes, and you didn't respond, because you didn't like the wording. Sugoi aniki.

I still need to edit characters
You don't "need" anything. You "want" your edit rights, but with an attitude like that there is little chance you'll get them back.

None of your supposed "errors" by NaioHoras are actually mistakes. That's how the titles need to be written according to vndb rules. Rules, which you "need" to follow. Yes, that is one "need" that I'll give to you.

All Japanese titles need to be romanized, no matter if there are available translations or not of those titles. If you are unable to provide a romanization, maybe simply don't add that game and do something else that you are able of doing.
#11 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 17:26
< report >Why would I need to respond? I read it and understood it, then I tried to fix things from then on out. There was nothing I could reply with... not because of the wording, but because there was nothing I could have said. I read the message, tried to get better, and that's all that matters - isn't it?

Also, just call me a bitch, damn bro. I'm not even a boy.

"with an attitude like that there is little chance you'll get them back." - Tell me this: how am I MEANT to get them back? There is absolutely no way I can "prove myself" to you guys when you don't even give me the option to edit. How does that make any sense?

I'm not trying to sound entitled. Again, English isn't my first language. I'm using "common sense" here, which NaioHoras said I was lacking. The system makes no sense, surely you can see that?Last modified on 2022-06-20 at 18:07
#12 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 17:27
< report >And if this is all because I didn't reply to a message that there was no need to respond to... isn't that a personal problem? I have no dictation over that, ^^;
#13 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 18:07
< report >Alright, so I got off work and read the rules.

"The main title of visual novels, releases, producers and characters should all be properly romanized if they arent in roman script already."

"For English (or other foreign) words in a non-roman script, the original word should be used as long as it is the intended effect. If those words are in a non-roman script, a suitable romanisation technique should be used."

So, please do tell me: 8thAlice is literally what it's titled, isn't it? That isn't English - it's the official translation from the website. It's called 8thAlice. It can also be found in the game itself, in the file names, and even on the owner's Twitter and official website. It's even in the cover.

How is adding the official title against the rules? Please tell me, because I'm confused and these rules are incredibly vague. I've had frustrations with some of the mods for a while now, but I didn't want to start any arguments so I just shut up about them. Not even just the mods, but some of the rules... which I have been following fairly well, to the best of my ability.
#14 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 18:11
< report >The problem with the rules is that they're incredibly, incredibly vague. They don't even mention situations like this one, where official titles are already given. I can memorize all of them by heart and they still won't help me in most situations...

And where in the rules is it said what causes warnings to be applied, what causes rights to be revoked, etc? It doesn't say how I can get them back, either? So in this situation all I can do is talk to you guys, which I'm not even good at. There is nothing I can do here to make this better.
#15 by beliar
2022-06-20 at 18:51
< report >8-banme no Alice is indeed an ambiguous entry. The official distribution sites use 8番目のアリス, which is what NaioHoras went by. There does appear an image that shows 8thAlice, and if I understood correctly it's the title that shows on the main menu of the game. In situations like these I would probably give preference what is shown on the title screen. It's not that Naio was wrong, he just used a different source.

It's just you are focusing on one game with an ambiguous title, when there were plenty of other games you added with names that do not correspond to the guidelines. And our guidelines are not vague at all. In fact they are pretty clear, if you bother to read them.

And where in the rules is it said what causes warnings to be applied, what causes rights to be revoked, etc?
Do you expect us to write the whole criminal codex to clarify when the banhammer is used? Come on, warnings and bans are used by mods at their own discretion while applying common sense. You are making numerous edits, which is good, but if they tax the mods' ability to verify and fix them, that is bad. No one forces you to learn Japanese. As I have said, if you are not sure how to properly add an entry, simply don't add it. Add something else that you are sure about. No information is better than erroneous information, which will need to be fixed down the road.
#16 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 19:11
< report >I did actually bother to read them, but what I mean is that there are situations where they can be ambiguous such as the one above. Shouldn't there be something stating to use the title primarily used to prevent this from happening? I changed it back to the right title, 8thAlice, and he changed it again.

This goes for Shoujo no Kami no Ryuushi, too. In the official website (here: link), if you scroll down to the bottom right, it gives the romanised name: "Girls God Particles." Yet that was changed as well. And when I fixed it, he reverted it back... again.

I will say, there are some titles that are incorrect - no doubt. And I'd be willing to straight up stop adding romanisations if it helped any. But again, many of the entires are games that I want to play - so I needed to add them so I could put them on my wishlist. I'd be willing to even use a better translation tool. Many of the titles are ambiguous. 8番目のアリス is the Kanji, and the romanization of the name is already given multiple times: "8thAlice." That's only one example.

And... yes. I do expect you to write a "whole criminal codex," which would be beneficial to the website as a whole. Things like this wouldn't happen. This isn't only a problem with Naio, however. It's annoying how some traits or tags will suddenly all be deleted because "a mod said so" even if said trait or tag is useful. I feel like writing something out could help clarify some things.

And again, how am I meant to prove myself worthy of editing entries again? There's no way I can prove that with the way things are now, right?
#17 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 19:14
< report >You mentioned "with that attitude, you're likely not going to get them back soon" or something along these lines. Which means I'm expected to do something in order to get them back soon. I don't know what.

Is it hear say? Do I just say, "I'll only work on characters"? Do I send cute puppy images? I'm confused, as anyone else would be in this situation.

Also: 8-banme no Alice is "8thAlice," no space inbetween. That should be under alias. Can you change the name back?Last modified on 2022-06-20 at 19:15
#18 by beliar
2022-06-20 at 19:23
< report >On Shoujo no Kami no Ryuushi you are incorrect. Girls God Particles is not the main title used neither on the official site, nor in the game itself (it appears in a smaller script than the main Japanese title). It's clearly an alias and should be treated as such (and I have downloaded the damn game just to check).
#19 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 19:37
< report >Alright, thanks for checking. Would it be "Shoujo no Kami no Ryuushi: Girls God Particles" or what?

Are you unable to help with anything else?
#20 by beliar
2022-06-20 at 20:09
< report >
You mentioned "with that attitude, you're likely not going to get them back soon" or something along these lines. Which means I'm expected to do something in order to get them back soon. I don't know what.
Basically I have butted into this conversation to see if we could reach some concord. Returning the edit rights is at the discretion of the mods too. Recently we had an influx of newbies who thought they knew better than everyone else and were very confrontational, which is something you come across as being a bit like that too.

However, I would probably be willing to think of giving you another chance, if you promised to refrain from adding entries you are not sure about. You don't have to add 100 entries per day - it won't result in a street cred. Quality over quantity is the key. Just a few correct entries beat many that need to be rechecked by mods.

Alright, thanks for checking. Would it be "Shoujo no Kami no Ryuushi: Girls God Particles" or what?
Nah, having Girls God Particles under an alias seems the best solution. As for "8thAlice", that is indeed the main title on the game's title screen, with a small Japanese lettering underneath, so I suppose it could be considered the main name.
#21 by catboy
2022-06-20 at 20:14
< report >Ah, I apologize if I came off as confrontational. I'm bad with words and only know so much English, even now I'm sure I'm making some mistakes when it comes to grammar and all that.

I'll be willing to promise that if that helps. I mainly want to work on adding characters, because I'm playing a few series that I haven't finished editing everything on. I can't promise that everything I submit will be perfect, but I'll try hard still.

In the case of 8thAlice, would the name it has now be an alias?
#22 by catboy
2022-06-21 at 00:07
< report >Thank you for fixing the name, ૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა ♡
#23 by NaioHoras
2022-06-21 at 00:18
< report >8th Alice is indeed a borderline situation and we mods have different opinion about it, and usually I would go with making it as an alias because you cannot trust a cover too much as they often filled with unnecessary "beautification" and unrelated things. but eh, this time is fine I guess as the jp title is really small compared to eng.

And... yes. I do expect you to write a "whole criminal codex," which would be beneficial to the website as a whole. Things like this wouldn't happen.
even a country with the most detailed law have a hard time judging things on daily basis, that's why some of them leave them to the "jury". so what you are expecting is an absurdity. the only thing you need to do is get used to it, know how to cooperative, and show it the next time you make a contribution. I often gave you advices in the edit notes as to how to handle certain situations and they are things that you should keep in mind, but you are a very stubborn one and still messing up things for months.

And again, how am I meant to prove myself worthy of editing entries again? There's no way I can prove that with the way things are now, right?
like I said in my initial post, I'm giving you some time to reflect yourself, so I wanted to see how you would react to it and never intended to ban you forever. however, your attitude in your reply was not a very pleasant one...

but now you have calmed down and willing to discuss things. I'm currently checking all your edits so see if I change my mind when I have done.Last modified on 2022-06-21 at 00:18
#24 by catboy
2022-06-21 at 00:43
< report >Yes, I'm willing to talk now. Was distracted earlier too.

What do you mean by the last sentence? Sorry, I can't understand ^^;
#25 by catboy
2022-06-22 at 20:35
< report >So I can be unbanned?

A few traits I suggested got approved and many characters need themLast modified on 2022-06-22 at 21:07