Regarding collective aliases by mutiple staff

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#1 by adirosa
2022-06-05 at 14:10
< report >Hello! Satsuki Kou (link) of Quinrose is a collective alias for multiple writers. Of them, Nanase Mio (link) who has extensively worked on the "~ no Kuni no Alice" as detailed in their blog post (link).

Their staff page is not clearly indicative of the contributions they've made to the series before "Spade no Kuni no Alice", but if I add Satsuki Kou as an alias to Nanase Mio it may imply that they're the same person, which I want to avoid. Is there a specific answer to how to show this information?

Thank you.
#2 by NaioHoras
2022-06-06 at 05:30
< report >if that's true, you should put Nanase Mio as a staff instead and then add "credited as Satsuki Kou" as a note.

there are cases where a developer put a company as the staff credit, and I believe it's rather similar to this case. even though the company name is credited, it doesn't mean that the whole company involved in game production, right? so if we know which staff exactly worked on the game, we put their name instead. but when the detail is unknown, we usually put the company name as is.
and you don't need to add alias to Satsuki Kou. it wouldn't make sense either if you put an individual name as the company alias, would it? you can put it in the desc though.


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