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#1 by vo1se
2022-06-10 at 01:06
< report >I've been super into Yuri/Shoujo Ai stuff recently and I know how famous this series is as a whole, I want to know before grabbing the games if they have happy endings or if they're depressing with either death of a MC or a parting ending, and if the couples end up together in the games or it's left open. I don't mind spoilers or anything, I just don't wanna spend the money on these if they're going to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

(MOD EDIT: I put a [spoiler] in the title like you are asking people to spoil how it ends. Like that, users won't have to use spoiler tags or forget about it.)Last modified on 2022-06-10 at 02:26
#2 by vo1se
2022-06-10 at 04:46
< report >Thank you, my bad on not including that.
#3 by aomsin2526
2022-06-22 at 14:50
< report >Heavy ending spoiler ahead

For first playthrough you are forced to get parting ending (non canon).
For second playthrough you will get ending that explains the mystery.
For third playthrough you will get ending that is about MC couple fluffy stuffs & daily life. (Continued from second ending)
#4 by vo1se
2022-06-22 at 16:16
< report >Thanks, do the other games have good ending options as well?
#5 by aomsin2526
2022-06-22 at 16:48
< report >If by good you mean main couple of each game ended up together then yes, maybe except the first game where it ended with cliffhanger to be conclude in last game.
#6 by vo1se
2022-06-22 at 16:51
< report >okay thanks, I appreciate the reply, I'll have to give them a shot now


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