VNDB public API get ulist sorting

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#1 by djcomeng
2022-06-18 at 11:44
< report >Hi, just wondering how the results of a request of "get ulist basic" are sorted?

Will it send 10 with no sorting or does it send last modified 10?
Thanks for the great API btw, I like the idea of blasting things into a TCP socket and getting things back.
#2 by Yorhel
2022-06-18 at 11:59
< report >Heh, you're one of the few people to like this style of API. Most hate it.

Sorting is possible on the following fields: uid, vn, added, lastmod, voted, vote.
And the default sort column is 'vn'.
#3 by djcomeng
2022-06-19 at 01:24
< report >Thanks, I can see why most people won't like it, sockets are scarier than a HTTP based API


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