Sorting by English patch release?

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#1 by pk
2022-06-19 at 01:35
< report >Maybe I'm dumb or something but is there a way to sort by English patch release dates? I know there IS an option to sort by original language and languages in which a visual novel is available, but that isn't quite what I desire. For example, link . This was originally released in 2018-04-27, but an English patch wasn't released till 2021-08-29. If I were to use the first option, I would have to scroll back to 2018 instead of 2021 to find that there was a patch. I would like to know if such a functionality exists and if it does how to utilize it. Thanks.
#2 by NaioHoras
2022-06-19 at 01:45
< report >link. you can't have cards or grids display though since it's release-based search.
#3 by pk
2022-06-19 at 04:30
< report >Thank you kindly, NaioHoras. It's basically what I'm looking for, though I do notice it omits some stuff, if I'm looking at it properly. Using the last example, it does not show the 2021-08-29 patch but it does show the 2021-05-13 patch. Not sure what differentiates them but I think this should suit my needs. Much appreciated.
#4 by NaioHoras
2022-06-19 at 05:58
< report >because 2021-08-29 release (r82513) is not a patch, it's a standalone release. link if you want all English localizations.
#5 by pk
2022-06-19 at 20:26
< report >Thanks again.


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