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#1 by hikigane
2009-06-11 at 04:43
Kyoko Path Discussion - Woa that Felt Small.

I've just finished Kyoko's path and i got surprised on how small her story was.

The whole drama and ending where pretty much well done, i mean one of the best on its genres, but i can't help wanting for more.

Why producers can't do some "after story" like Key did with clannad?

I mean, just because you started dating doesn't mean that everything after that is just perfect.
Since Ryo got into a college, they could picture his college life while going out with Kyoko.

I must say that Kyoko was nowhere near an original character, but i really liked her.
Taking aside the fact that she isn't original, and that i usualy dislike those quiet types who get in the middle of old relationships, i must say i find Kyoko pretty much an awesome character.
Well, considering the fact that Kaho did dump Ryo didn't actually make Kyoko "break" any existing relationship. lol

This game is pretty much interesting. I mean, all characters sounded interesing, and had some development. Even sidekicks. lol
#2 by echomateria
2009-06-11 at 09:24
Crescendo is a decent romance story, but its being overrated in the English speaking communities due to the lack of games that focus on romance over sex.

Kyoko and Kaho routes were nice, I think I liked Kyoko's better, it was a bit different than the usual. Kaori route was my favorite in this game however. I didn't like Yuka and Ayame routes due to the reason people know me can guess. And I hate Miyu route with passion.

I agree that the game ends so suddenly and leaves you with a feeling that you are missing the second part of the story. A route in Crescendo is shorter than what you get on many games. And the story it manages top tell in that short time is just not fulfilling enough.
#3 by gabezhul
2009-06-11 at 11:03
Crescedo... Yeah, it's decent, but nothing more. It has a love triangle, an older sister, a school nurse... these are the things I hate.

But on the other hand, the concept was brilliant. I liked the idea, that the game shows us the PAST of the characters and their relations. It makes a lot more sense than the "two-week-lifetime-romance"-stuff that other love-oriented VN-s present.

Yuka's path was unique, Kyoko's and Kaho's was good, Miyu's path was... well, terrible, but reminded me of some Key-heroines.
But I hated Kaori & Ayame... I'm really not into femme fatale school nurses, and raped older sisters...
Oh, and the localization was painful. Maybe it was the fault of my machine, or the regional settings, but the lines were broken in the middle of the words, right where the screen ended. This made reading a challenge like figuring out a code language...

Overall, it is not a bad game, but there are better ones out there.Last modified on 2009-06-11 at 11:14
#4 by hikigane
2009-06-13 at 04:52
Kyoko and Kaho routes were nice, I think I liked Kyoko's better, it was a bit different than the usual
Yes. Usually routes for characters like hers have stupid dramas, like having to turn her down, or go through some stupid drama and stuff.

It was quite straight forward, and simple.
Something we don't see anymore.
#5 by then00bavenger
2009-07-08 at 21:19
Ayame was the only route that stuck out to me in that game, I really liked it.

Apparently everyone else feels the opposite X_X

Everything else felt kind of generic
#6 by congos
2009-09-16 at 22:17
crescendo was the first VN I read.

Kaori's route was my favourite by far. Miyu kinda sucked.

I kinda liked how it was short. That feeling of missing something at the end really reminded me of the last of my highschool days, which wasnt long before I read crescendo.
#7 by sagittax
2009-09-17 at 06:07
The only negative comment I can toss this game is the tacked-on Miyu route..
Oh sure, like I really cared about the girl that woke you up everytime you were lazing in the classroom not to mention only being mentioned probably 3 times(maybe less) in the other routes...

As for the other routes, the "older bunch" (Ayame & Kaori) seem to deal with deeper relationship problems, Kaho(whose route really hit me hard) and Kyoko are something like typical girls vying for the protagonist's attention and Kaho beng self-sacrificial as I've said, really made an impact on me) Yuka... well it was fine to, not that good, but not really bad either... Miyu... nah I'd forget about her...
#8 by sazabi
2009-09-17 at 13:22
favorite route for me was Kaori, Kaho, Kyoko and Ayame routes were okay, Miyu route was kinda pointless. i thought that Yuka's route was sorta harsh when compared to the relative tameness of the other routes.
#9 by soketsu
2009-11-07 at 07:32
Those... more harsh, more disturbing, bitter ways that may actually happen in reality... the things I like most. By those grounds, I consider Ayame and Yuka's route to be better than the others. Well, I don't consider the other's to be inferior either. Any kind of comment is subjective right. and it just happen that this is my post.

This VN is truly a work of an art. I really appreciate it that much because I am an artist too (lies). The ambiance(BGM) that really fit to the course of reminiscence, a romance that not just about love but tells something else, and the graphics... yeah the graphics :-( Just forget about the graphics, I don't quite appreciate it that much. I don't consider cute those supra-sized eyes.Last modified on 2009-11-07 at 07:36
#10 by sazabi
2009-11-07 at 23:18
the art takes some getting use to cause of the eyes
#11 by rpmfla
2009-11-11 at 04:36
The story was what made this a great VN. The visuals were good but not my favorite style, but I was so into the story I have to give this a 10. In my opinion, eroticism only exists in the mind, and making a person care about the characters adds so much more depth the sexual aspects of this VN.
#12 by soketsu
2009-11-14 at 01:43
Yeah I agree with that. The story weigh much heavier than eroticim. I dont quite like nukige that much either.

By the way, I closely examined the story and found out that there aren,t any special things about it. I mean, its quite common and trendy exept for Ayame's route... I admit it but I wonder what makes it is so good? I can't specify the elements that makes it unique from other stories of the same genre and trend.
#13 by gabezhul
2009-11-15 at 04:03
Okay, I know I'm kind of repeating myself, but I think I'm the only one who was actually awestruck by the fact that this story puts more attention on the past of the characters to build their relationships. I'm still amazed that no one ever tried to copy this method (or maybe they did, but those games are not translated. In this case, please disregard that last sentence...).

But other than that, this game is pretty much average. It has only one saving grace in my eyes, and it's Yuka's route. I can't help it, I just love these redemption stories... :D

And about those graphics @soketsu mentioned... Yeah, as with most games, it takes some time to get used to the style. In this case, it takes a little more time, but it's nowhere as bad as those disproportioned girls from some nukiges... :PLast modified on 2009-11-15 at 04:15
#14 by dabeer
2011-01-07 at 16:37

i've been hearing a lot of stuff regarding this game,
and a lot of discussions are contradicting between themselves,

i heard one version between the Japanese and the English
is much shorter (omitted scenes,CG's maybe even characters).

Which one if anyone may know 100%, is the completely full version ?

EDIT : ah nevermind, found out somehow

The full voice version which is DVD is a Japanese version which
has extended scenes unlike it's original,

and the English version has all but the extended scenes in it.

Duly tip (for anyone interested) : The song in the main menu
is a Rag Time song, by Scott Joplin

really beautiful music this guy has,
and i am not mistaken in saying that many old and new games released in Japan generally ( Mario games for example) have their music influenced by the western salon music (or Ragtime)Last modified on 2011-01-07 at 17:29
#15 by akirarinkitori
2011-01-09 at 01:38
Nah stop bashing Ayame, guys, out of all heroine in here, i would say her route is quite original (well among of all VN that I've read)
But i agreed that Mifu route is pretty plain, like nothing impact at all.
#16 by usasoldiern
2011-01-13 at 04:05
Out of most all the vn I've read so far, I'll take Crescendo over pretty much all of them. Sure it's story is simple, but it's told so well it doesn't matter.
#17 by mstrchef117
2011-01-13 at 19:21
Yuka's route was definately my favorite heroine of the game. The whole route kinda made me do some "contemplating my navels" thinking b/c off all the implications in the route For ex. Her becoming a JAV actress with a tragic background (bad end, which kinda goes along with the anti porn rhetoric of actresses being abused in the past) which made me feel like a dick especially since she propositioned first, so I thought going up into the hotel was the correct choice. And the fact that her rape is one of the ambigious ones where there was no visible struggle and the fact that she was a school prostitute/slut means that even in the US the gang rape may not be successfully prosecuted, so that would probably mean in Japan, this wouldn't even be investigated (so that got me thinking about all the underreported/underprosecuted rapes in Japan for some reason, but then again, I was like, this is fictional, I should stop feeling guilty about fapping to porn).....

Anyways, in the end I was like, why the fuck should I think about this stuff, it was like the writer for the route was kinda had a slight feminist/pro-woman overtone that I don't really see in other eroges.Last modified on 2011-01-13 at 19:31
#18 by usasoldiern
2011-01-15 at 18:21
I enjoyed Kaho, Kyouko, Ayame, and Yuka's routes about the same. Yuka and Ayame's stories were certainly "heavier", but the innocence and sense of "friendship" of the two former routes is just as great.

I didn't mention Kaori, because it was my least favorite. It felt rather hit and miss, with some great scenes like at the hotel and on the school roof. But, stuff like the forced ending hurt it imo.
#19 by mastag
2011-05-08 at 22:14
The part where Kaho wanted a kiss was awesome lol ^^ cutey and fluffy [spoiler]
#20 by fundefined
2011-08-11 at 08:44
Crescendo comes down to one heroine for me: Kaho. She by far had the strongest relationship and past with Ryo and their not quite friends but quite lovers relationship felt the most genuine. The nuance of their backstory and how they spent their days reading in their two member club provided the basis for the character development that happened. She got the most flashbacks of the heroines and I think had the most nuanced personality.

Kaho's route felt very real because there wasn't any malicious intent to blame. All 4 people were trying to reach out for love and were hurt by each others actions, or inaction. When the truth comes out, they get mad, but stepped aside for the sake of the happiness of those they love. They all made mistakes but eventually worked it out together. This route is one of my all time favorites.

Of the other routes I generally found them less appealing. Kyoko is a in the same route as Kaho but I find her less interesting personality wise. Yuka's route was good but I found the "suddenly rape" story to be forced. Kaori's route, I couldn't take seriously, early-mid age school nurse that is a virgin and had previous "relationships" with students? It seems the writers wanted to make her the experienced older women archtype while satisfying the neckbeard obsession with virginity.

Ayame's route was just pathetic. Just because you aren't blood related doesn't mean sibling bonds mean nothing. Crescendo could have gone really deep into the feelings of a sister who are raped by her brother and his guilt of being responsible for their parent's deaths. Huge potential emotions there but instead Crescendo cops out with Ayame "wanting to be raped." They had a gold mine of drama and they turned it into just another "not blood related incest" shit show. God I hate Ayame's route.

Kaho the reason I'm not fond of Miyu's route, Kaho only visiting Miyu once and never again because she consider her a bother seems out of character, though I thought she stole the "hanging out" scenes when she appeared even though it wasn't her route.

Overall, I liked Crescendo, it was my first VN and still ranks highly because of the wonderful music and insightful third person writing style.
#21 by quitch
2011-09-25 at 18:36
This VN works I think because it uses a simple setup that everyone can relate to, a small group of friends, their time together and falling for one of them (or visa versa). This is then weighed with a heavy sense of melancholy for days long past using the music.

Kaho is probably the strongest route because it best suits the material, no forced drama, just a friend who wants more but doesn't want to break up the friendship group either.

At the end I always feel slightly sad for a time I can never get back. Well done, Crescendo, well done.
#22 by hibiki-kun
2012-05-23 at 00:47
Ayame's route irk me a lot because of Ryo's unreasonable acts after finding out that he's adopted. He should just be grateful for the family that adopted him but he's so screwed he decided to rape her sister. Dafaq. Kaho's route was meh considering the fact that she dated Suginami for dubious reasons then dumping him after all. Suginami was more stupid for not feeling any resentment towards Kaho and Ryo. Kaori and Kyoko's routes were the ones I liked.
#23 by thelasling
2012-05-23 at 07:57
@Hibiki-kun you have hopefully read yuka's route which definetly is worthwhile and IMO the best in the game
#24 by hibiki-kun
2012-05-23 at 12:44
@ #23: Haven't played Yuka's route since her personality bugs me but anyway, I might try it. :DLast modified on 2012-05-24 at 10:55
#25 by horseband
2012-05-23 at 22:28
I second Yuka route being the best of the novel. It's one of the few routes in any VN I've read that actually stands out from the norm and set's itself apart from the rest.

Miyu's route just made me rage x.x; I actually liked Kaho's route quite a bit though.

I had high hopes for Ayame but like everyone else in this topic, I just got pissed at the forced rape scene. -_-; It was pretty disgusting, but this is coming from someone who hates rape scenes in general (Unless it's female raping a man >_> *cough*).


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