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#1 by otakuman007
2022-06-21 at 18:55
< report >When I thinking about it now. Perhaps I did not described topic correctly, back then when I made it. Thing is that there are sometimes scenes, where adult married (usually mother or aunt) character commit incest and infidelity with younger blood-relative (son, nephew), but they don't perceive their act as bad in any way. And even scene itself can portray it in that way. In their view they just "teaching" their children about sex/other gender and such. It's kind of twisted personal logic, which I may heard even some rumors about having real basis even in real Japan. Not sure how I should describe it further.
But in nushell, characters are commit incest and infidelity, but they act like it's nothing. And even scene portray it like there was not issue happening. At most ending scene on "it will be our secret" note and that's it.
#2 by beliar
2022-06-21 at 19:01
< report >That's even worse when it comes to tagging it. The fact the act is treated as basically nothing is actually an argument that it shouldn't be a separate trait by itself, if it's not that important in the plot or character growth. As I have said, using separate traits seem enough as far as I see.


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