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#1 by Marc402
2022-06-22 at 09:58
< report >Hi, could you explain what you meant by "especially in the original release"? Did they alter or remove any content in the later releases that affected this trait? I noticed something strange where a particular CG exhibiting this trait in the standard edition is altered in the plus edition. The edit notes don't seem to explain this difference.
#2 by Draconyan
2022-06-22 at 10:30
< report >That CG was exactly what I was referring to, I just called it "original release" because I thought it was originally without the white steam and it was changed for subsequent releases. I only have the Plus Edition, so I can't check whether anything else was altered.

Let me know if you happen to find more info. A random guy on Twitter seemed to imply Ouka used to have full H scenes, but I highly doubt that.
#3 by Marc402
2022-06-22 at 15:38
< report >I see, so you can confirm that the plus edition you played has the CG with the white steam, and not the one without steam? In that case, I'm adding it to the release notes so others will know about the altered CG. Although the standard edition was released after the plus edition, it probably uses the original assets since the CGs for it were in 480p instead of 600p like the plus edition.

I think it's very unlikely that the one with steam was the original version, but I'll word it in a way to avoid specifying which one uses the original assets. Maybe someone will be able to figure out the exact details once the TL releases and the game gets more attention.Last modified on 2022-06-22 at 15:51


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