What is popularity?

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#1 by Qorx
2022-06-23 at 10:04
< report >Sorry if this has been answered before, but how does the popularity setting work? I thought it was based on the number of people who had it on their list or voted for them, but I saw that number of votes is a separate thing. Things like Doki Doki with 9.4k votes are lower in popularity than Sharin no Kuni with 5.9k votes. I'm confused.
#2 by Ileca
2022-06-23 at 10:51
< report >t97.8

That's my default ordering.
#3 by Qorx
2022-06-23 at 12:37
< report >Thanks! So the low popularity of Doki Doki Literature Club is because of the comparatively low rating and because a lot of people voting for it are newcomers with a small list.


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