How to be unbanned/get edit privileges back?

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#1 by catboy
2022-06-23 at 18:13
< report >Hi, I don't know the right word for this but basically, I'm wondering what to do or how long I'll have to wait? I was simply told that they would be "temporarily taken," and I don't know if I'm meant to do anything or how long it'd take.

Is there a request I need to do or fill out, or do I need to send an email? I don't know what to do and the rules don't say anything about this from what I've seen.

I'm not a troll or anything, I kept making errors in visual novel names and have already agreed to not add any without knowing the titles for certain anymore. I haven't gotten the edit privileges revoked before, hence why I'm unsure on what to do.Last modified on 2022-06-23 at 18:25
#2 by beliar
2022-06-23 at 18:28
< report >NaioHoras said he'll get back at you regarding it once he has checked more of your edits. Come on, it's been only a few days. Don't be so impatient.
#3 by catboy
2022-06-23 at 20:20
< report >Oh, that's what he meant? There was a confusing line in his reply and I went unanswered when I asked what he meant
#4 by catboy
2022-06-26 at 15:36
< report >It's been a few more days, and I've been completely ignored by him.

I assume he's done looking through my edit history, as he hasn't changed anything about it in a few days. I don't want to sound demanding or entitled, but even I'm starting to get a little impatient at my lack of answers.

And before it's brought up: when he first messaged me, it was basically a warning - hence why I didn't reply. I read it, I understood it, and that's how it is for warnings I believe.

I haven't gotten a single clear answer, even after promising you not to add anything until I'm certain on titles and all that stuff. At this point I'm more confused and somewhat frustrated than anything.
#5 by catboy
2022-06-26 at 17:02
< report >Is there nothing I can do?


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