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#1 by kuromazera
2022-06-24 at 01:52
< report >Anyone know H-code of this one
Please tell me
#2 by lgztx
2022-06-25 at 02:38
< report >use agent linkLast modified on 2022-06-25 at 02:38
#3 by kuromazera
2022-06-25 at 03:35
< report >can you tell me more what i need to do ?
I kinda noob with these -_- or link how to use it
#4 by lgztx
2022-06-25 at 03:51
< report >TyranoScript engine
#5 by nirvaren
2022-06-25 at 04:11
< report >I hadn't heard of agent until now and just checked it out. They have some videos on how to use it. You basically just update the scripts, attach it, then select the script from what I can tell. Seems like a neat texthooker alternative.
#6 by kuromazera
2022-06-25 at 05:12
< report >oke thanks you, i'll do my best :D
#7 by dxsytes
2022-06-25 at 13:45
< report >I've followed all the Agent tutorials + TyranoScript (including extraction of app.asar) but still no luck. Is it related to the text speed which cannot be set to instant?Last modified on 2022-06-25 at 13:45
#8 by hellbrazen591
2022-06-25 at 13:46
< report >So, I got the app.asar file extracted to resources/app like the tutorials said, select the Tyrano script, set the text speed to max, attach to the game by select the path to the exe, ect...
I can't get it to hook text at all, not sure if I did something along this process incorrectly but it won't work.
#9 by dxsytes
2022-06-25 at 13:58
< report >FOUND IT :
After extracting app.asar:

- Navigate to app/data/scenario
- Open config.ks
- Go to line 206 and change the max attribute from 95 to 100

Worked for me
#10 by Moeloser
2022-06-26 at 08:31
< report >this doesn't work. Tried everything above. Maybe i am doing something wrong. Textractor has always worked for me. this was the first time i tried agent. followed all steps even edited the config still it doesn't hook.
I am running on windows 11Last modified on 2022-06-26 at 08:33
#11 by kuromazera
2022-06-27 at 12:10
< report >A charming VN but weird system -_- still i struggle
#12 by hellbrazen591
2022-06-28 at 18:04
< report >I eventually decided to settle for an OCR with textbox opacity set to max and having Textractor translate through clipboard. Sort of tedious, but hey, it works, mostly.
Capture2Text if anyone's curious.Last modified on 2022-06-28 at 18:20
#13 by lognaros
2022-07-02 at 18:50
< report >Is really imposible to hook the game? :(


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