Long producer descriptions.

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#1 by Ezezin
2022-06-24 at 02:36
< report >(continuing from p130.16)

And you will also have more freedom about what information you can add and how you can do it. With how descriptions fields works, we prefer short and concise information instead of large explanatory ones like you are doing right now. Also less messy to link the source, since we only need to link to Wikipedia, which will have the other sources you used.

Don't feel bad, you are not doing anything wrong. I highly encourage you to create a Wikipedia article for those 3 producers that you are editing and then link them here, of course, only if you feel like doing that in the first place, no obligations whatsoever, or you can keep editing the entries here as long as they are not overly long and you put the sources.Last modified on 2022-06-24 at 02:40
2022-06-24 at 04:55
< report >Okay, understandable. I'll be more careful.


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