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Has anyone heard about the deleted VN: 姦肉蟲川3

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#1 by Evidential
2022-07-10 at 20:19
< report >Is there a link or photo to this game? I found it on a Reddit disturbing VN iceburg post and it was all the way at the bottom. No one in the comments could find it and on another post I heard that it was deleted from VNDB and it does exist.
#2 by HataVNI
2022-07-10 at 20:34
< report >It does not exist. It's a meme.
But Inyouchuu is very close to what this is supposed to be.Last modified on 2022-07-10 at 20:34
#3 by Draconyan
2022-07-10 at 20:38
< report >every mention of it on Google is of English-speaking people talking about how gruesome it apparently is, and the supposed VNDB link for it (link) has such a high number that it hasn't been created yet, rather than it having been deleted, so everything points to it being a joke.

Moreover, it doesn't really make sense as a Japanese title (the 川 is very random).
#4 by Jazz957
2022-07-10 at 21:54
< report >"Wicked Flesh Insect River 3"? May not be real but there should be some games that would be similar in subject matter.Last modified on 2022-07-10 at 21:55
#5 by NaioHoras
2022-07-11 at 01:49
< report >whoever came up with the joke is a genius.

姦肉蟲川...3? so there are prequels? if this game's so good that it is in its 3rd installment, why only the 3rd one got added to the db (and got deleted)? and why everyone only fuse over the third one?? why no one took notice to the prequels...?
honestly, this makes my day.

yeah, there is no VN entry with 姦肉蟲川 to begin with. but VNDB is fucked up, you can search similar or even more gruesome VN if you search hard enough...
no laughing matter for that.
#6 by Diener
2022-09-24 at 15:13
< report >I friend of mine read it, he was never the same after reading. He ended up throwing himself off his apartment...
#7 by cubky
2022-09-24 at 17:02
< report >I hear its what made Gambs into the person he is today.
#8 by tester
2022-09-25 at 09:16
< report >
it was deleted from VNDB and it does exist.
> Everyone who tried to upload it was found ████ several days later, so it has become taboo to add it.
> Every day after it was finally uploaded on vndb, three random visual novels descriptions and screens [REDACTED]. The vndb administration deemed it a serious issue.
> It was deleted from the vndb after the mass wave of ███████ cases after it was added.
> Every visual novel that was contaminated with its effects was ███████.
> The moderator who had personally deleted it went missing, and everyone seemed to keep forgetting his name up to this point.

No one in the comments could find it
> Those who discover it were no longer the same people they once were. Still, they knew that they should not let anyone else find it, so they lied.
> Actually, there were several times when a link to the game was added, but it was ███████ and all witnesses were ████████.
> A link to the game is: [REDACTED] (warning: onion site). Go get before it get deleted. The game is free. If you are desperate enough, that is...

I heard that it was deleted
> Do not say the person's name. Never. Or it might already be too late...

=== Edit ===
Of course, all this information is just a simple joke. No need to worry. No need to try to remember the link.Last modified on 2022-09-25 at 09:51


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