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#1 by riku-dola
2022-08-13 at 19:36
< report >I'm betting it's releasing next year the earliest, 2025 at latest.

On another note I'm still currently enjoying "A piece of blue glass moon" in Japanese and it's not that hard.(N2 level recommended tho) So I'd say it's well worth learning Japanese as the major perk is that you'll be able to read vns that won't get translated until a few years, or worst, never getting tl'd. You'll broaden your horizons and have an abundance of options compared to only being able to read the tl'd vns.
#2 by serzh
2022-08-13 at 21:07
< report >First novel remake is translated now by Tsukihimates.Last modified on 2022-08-13 at 21:08
#3 by riku-dola
2022-08-14 at 09:02
< report >TL for Ciel's route is not finished yet right? But it's almost finished I think
#4 by Lamp2001
2022-09-15 at 18:24
< report >Ciel routs is halfway finished.
#5 by riku-dola
2022-09-15 at 22:20
< report >Well, alr read it last month lol. I guess I'll play mahoyo when it comes out in dec to endure the wait.
#6 by totallynotgar
2022-10-06 at 08:12
#7 by juggernaught
2022-10-06 at 23:31
< report >Can't wait to be reincarnated to be able to read..
#8 by Lamp2001
2022-10-07 at 02:44
< report >Tsuhikime
#9 by AseroraOrion
2022-10-07 at 16:17
< report >hopefully I am not dead by the time it comes out lol
#10 by riku-dola
2022-10-08 at 09:03
< report >It'll definitely come out before GTA 6 that's for sure
#11 by kanjieater
2022-11-21 at 15:48
< report >If you start learning Japanese now, you can probably read this by the time it comes out.


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