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#126 by surferdude
2015-04-19 at 18:58
Confucius say: "Be wary when riding on the Hype Train as it often leads to disappointment."
#127 by pendelhaven
2015-04-19 at 23:24
What's with me agreeing with gabe 99% of the time? yes, Miyako route felt like a chore to finish. I'm rather disappointed that Miyako never touched the crabs (Yamato's greatest weakness). gabe just had to add salt to the wound. The guys' side routes are far better imo.

It seems agave route is epic. Now a reason to pick up this title again.
#128 by verdun
2015-04-20 at 00:34
Touching the crabs are too much of a risk. You know how Yamato reacts when you mess with his crabs.
#129 by imesper
2015-04-30 at 10:42
Finished the game. Man, it was a great experience. Definitely looking forward to Majikoi S and Majikoi A
#130 by mattn915
2015-07-19 at 23:57
Whew! Finally done! So here are my thoughts:
-Common route: It's fun! The characters are likable, the overarching scenario is pretty good, and the humor is great.
-Yukie: It's cute. Yamato and Yukie are cute together and she had great development. Although the side plot with the minister kinda felt unnecessary. (yay padding...)
-Chris: It's ok. It started nicely up until the conflict with her father. The rest is pretty much WTF territory. I mean seriously, what is up with the H-scenes and the father turning young!? The relationship was nice though.
-Momoyo: It's... ok i guess? The battle was awesome, but the rest is meh. (I'm just not feeling the relationship between Yamato and Momoyo)
-Kazuko: It's great! I really liked Yamato and Kazuko's relationship and the plot was pretty good for the most part. There are a few shortcomings, but I still enjoyed it.
-Miyako: ...disappointing. and a crying shame. I mean, I really like Miyako, but the route is just doing her injustice! Seriously, WHO WROTE THIS!? The story just seems to be going somewhere, everywhere, and nowhere at the same time! (We didn't need to know everyone's side stories, just focus on Yamato and Miyako!) Which is a shame because I actually liked the concept. (Open up to other people and be more independent? I'm all for it!) I mean come on writers!! There is a lot you can do with this!! (incoming rant on how to do Miyako's route. read or not. your choice.) In fact, there is off screen action between Yamato and Miyako in this route right? Well then show it to us! Either tone down the sidetracks or just remove them altogether in favor of more lovey-dovey moments! Sure this could mean more H-scenes to the point of feeling like a sort of nukige route (okay, maybe not THAT far), but I actually would have preferred it that way! In fact, you can use them to show Miyako's downward spiral in character and Yamato's inner conflict on how to deal with her! Sure it would give their relationship a bit of a dark tone but I'm sure we can handle that! It would have been brilliant! But NOPE! We have side stories and bringing up her mother again! *sigh* sorry about that. But yeah, the point is: there is a lot that could have been done with this concept, but it was poorly executed due to lack of focus. Oh well. The flashbacks are good at least. Especially when they showed how much Yamato grew since childhood. And, the ending was rather nice. I just wish for better execution.
-Agave: This route uses a familiar three act structure that was seen in movies, books, etc. That's actually not bad because the first two acts did a pretty good job in building up to the third act. But still, the route either has problems or something that bugs me. Let me explain:
The first act introduces the Utopia drug, the problems it can cause for everyone, and there is someone named 'Maroudo' distributing the drugs. That's actually pretty interesting and it kept me guessing what could happen later on. But there is something that bugged me. I did appreciate that Momoyo ended up having a handicap forced on her, but the way it was handled bugged me a lot. (WARNING! This incoming rant may be offensive to male seniors everywhere. Don't read if you can't handle it. Otherwise, apologies in advance) By that I mean MOMOYO'S GRANDPA IS A FUCKING IDIOT!! THERE IS OBVIOUSLY SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE SITUATION AND HE BLAMES IT ON HIS OWN GRANDDAUGHTER!? HAS HE GONE SENILE!? I guess you can make the argument that he is doing this as a precaution due to uncertainty, BUT THIS IS JUST MEAN-SPIRITED!! I'M PRETTY SURE YAMATO WOULD HAVE DEDUCED THAT IT WAS SOMEONE ELSE AND HE COULD PREVENT... THAT... from... happening... (recalls that he was kidnapped by the Itagaki sisters) WELL FUCK!
Second act focuses on Yamato and the Itagaki siblings while building up to the third act. It does its job well, but it's also where things get weird. I liked Yamato's interactions with the Itagaki sisters (particularly Tatsuko)... up until the H-scene. My reaction: WHAT THE FUCK!!?? So there is no other solution other than to fuck their brains out!? WHAT!? I mean I know Tatsuko is very sexy and I can get a kick out of hearing Yuuki Kajita's voice as Angel, but THIS IS JUST SO WEIRD! And then there is the big reveal of Maroudo's identity. But one problem: Touma's father is evil therefore Touma is evil!? WHAT!? That's one of the oldest cliches in the book!! I hate to quote a certain protag from a certain VN but... "Your parents have nothing to do with who you are!" Then there is preparation for the battle ahead... and an H-scene with Miyako and Momoyo... again... WHAT THE FLYING FUCK!!??
Third act is where all the action and payoff is and IT IS AWESOME!!! Fights, tactics, humor (lol De Niro), awesome music... it's got everything! And the twist in a flashback where Koyuki was trying to join the Kazama family, only to hear Yamato refuse is pretty neat. And just saying, but TATSUKO IS SCARY!!! Basically:
2 x Miyako's obsession + almost everything that's Momoyo = Tatsuko = Dangerous combo for Yamato... RUN!!!! ...Well I guess this calls for a quote from a certain actor from a certain movie: "We could've been a good couple. We could've had something special. BUT YOU ONE CRAZY ASS BITCH!!!" Anyway, this pretty much allowed me to forget everything that's wrong in the previous acts (and i guess everything that's wrong with Majikoi in general) and just enjoy the ride. Overall, Agave route is awesome.
Final verdict: Definitely a 9 from me. It's got quite a bit of flaws sure, but what's good in Majikoi is really damn good. Majikoi S, here I come!Last modified on 2015-07-20 at 05:33
#131 by transcendence
2016-06-09 at 11:06
I'm again late into the game. Anyway, I just started this and I finished Chris' route first... so, after that one I was kinda disappointed, does this game have any decent route? Because I don't think I can even explain properly what's wrong with it, but it just seems wrong. Like how Momoyo is a huge deus ex machina, and how they seem to resolve conflicts left and right in an almost incomprehensible way. In short, Chris' route was just too comic-y, like I'm still reading the common route.

Does this game get better? Because I have better things to read in my backlog if it's going to stay like this.
#132 by pendelhaven
2016-06-09 at 14:38
you're probably not reading majikoi correctly. tip: turn off your brain and have mindless fun.
#133 by mistrus
2016-06-09 at 17:22
Well Transcendence this game is one then you either love or hate in the beginning , I personally liked it specially agave route best story this one has to offer.
#134 by transcendence
2016-06-09 at 17:48
@Mistrus: yeah, it was fun and all in the prologue, but it keeps that way up until the end (at least in Chris' route).
#135 by verdun
2016-06-09 at 18:48
It's definitely more driven by fun and light on the drama.
In your case, I would also discourage picking up the sequel as it's really a glorified fandisk.
#136 by nourunin195
2016-08-16 at 15:31
Best to worst route in ascending order:
Agave>Wanko>Miyako>Mayucchi>Chris>MomoyoLast modified on 2016-08-16 at 15:31
#137 by potanx
2017-01-01 at 22:50
just mumbling to myself, this game so fun
momoyo route full of passion
wanko route cheerfull
miyako route hardwork and heartwarming
yukie just normal
chriss route easy going
#138 by hotundeadaction
2017-12-08 at 03:04
It's been bothering me for a long time - does anyone know if Miyako's shirt (the yellowish one she wears around the house) is a reference to something? If you can't remember it's something like "Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust, Greed, Envy, Wrath. There is not in Dream Garden."


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