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All episodes in one page or separate?

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#1 by Ernovace
2022-09-13 at 07:36
< report >Since this is supposed to be episodic and the write is Fumi, who also did the 9-nine series whose episodes have their own page.Last modified on 2022-09-13 at 07:36
#2 by miyanoshiho
2022-09-13 at 09:15
< report >unless there is some obvious reason to make a split which someone who has read the game can point out, i'd assume we wait until the 2nd part comes out before deciding which is more appropriate.
#3 by diabloryuzaki
2022-09-13 at 09:45
< report >just wait, if 2nd part need same treat like 9-nine then do it if not then don't
#4 by flvbycjctnheheh
2022-11-02 at 11:26
< report >Separate, of course. Other episodic games like 9-Nine or Phantom Trigger have separate pages. Having all episodes on one page will make ratings completely inaccurate because people will vote just based on the currently available episodes.Last modified on 2022-11-02 at 11:27
#5 by kiru
2022-11-02 at 11:30
< report >^And how is that different to re-releases with additional content?

If rating accuracy would matter (or tag accuracy, as that's affected in the same way), vndb would look very different.
#6 by flvbycjctnheheh
2022-11-02 at 11:36
< report >@5 Have you ever heard of Chaos;Head Noah? Also, this depends on how much content was added and if it's related to the main route and the overall experience from playing the game. And is also affected by how long it was since the release. Let's say it doesn't matter if you add an additional page for Little Busters Ecstasy because it was just two more routes out of more than half a dozen, with the same true route. But if you make Muv-Luv Extra and Alternative into one page it would be a catastrophe and people will be angry and rightfully so. Because in the latter case, the main story is expanded and continued. Episodic games are closer to sequels than anything else, it's different from just having additional content. Whatever you say, rating accuracy DOES matter and a large number of people use vndb primarily because of its rating system.Last modified on 2022-11-02 at 11:38
#7 by Ernovace
2023-03-22 at 08:13
< report >As long as separate pages are not created, any score or playtime vote before completion cannot be counted accurately because they only are about the first episode.
#8 by fallenguru
2023-05-25 at 21:43
< report >FWIW, I would prefer separate pages, especially since 2nd does not contain 1st. They're (still) sold entirely separately.


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