Hmaid popularity poll is up!

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#1 by W3lcum
2022-10-07 at 11:13
< report >You can vote 1-3 times per day: Popularity Poll
#2 by goldgrande
2022-10-07 at 11:45
< report >This one is tough. I have to go between Anastasia and Dyzenia
#3 by fateoverlord
2022-10-19 at 18:14
< report >I'd go with Dyzenia/Lixual (cuz you know there'll be some good dom action there), Makina (because blondes are hot) and MyunMyun (because I like tanned skin(
#4 by kimbongtrill
2022-10-20 at 16:08
< report >Liliera for me with Makina as a close second.
#5 by mujika
2022-10-21 at 07:36
< report >It's so tough to choose for this game! I love Lixual the most, but I love Makina, Meena, Myun Myun and Dyzenia a lot as well.
#6 by goldgrande
2022-10-28 at 21:07
< report >Based ojou won the poll. Good taste japan.

And we get a new poll on the moms next week. Nice
#7 by Ileca
2022-10-28 at 22:54
< report >When I checked the characters, I checked daughter <--> mother together and, mamma mia, the mothers are 100 times hotter than their daughters. Guys, I leave the kids to you.
#8 by pik3rob
2022-10-29 at 04:34
< report >Does winning the poll do anything?
#9 by goldgrande
2022-10-29 at 15:51
< report >The winning character gets a colored pencil drawing by Akagi Rio. You can see this is what Chartina got for winning Hsucc's poll (link)

It's pretty much just bragging rights and maybe helping secure the character's archetype in future games?
#10 by W3lcum
2022-10-29 at 17:35
< report >next week starts another popularity poll for the mommys.
#11 by pik3rob
2022-10-30 at 08:22
< report >Hope the mommy who's basically a copy paste of Luvia wins
#12 by goldgrande
2022-10-31 at 22:47
< report >yeah I'm voting for her too.
#13 by W3lcum
2022-11-01 at 11:15
< report >Kinda hard to decide for me. Its between Brynhildr, Laurecia and Maasa for me. Honestly all of them are great. Sad that someone has to be last.Last modified on 2022-11-01 at 11:16
#14 by kratoscar2008
2022-11-01 at 21:17
< report >The best mom is a Dark Elf AND she is a virgin.
That one for me.
Like the nun but hope she has only had sex with the porpuse of procreation with her husband. Dont wanna hear she fucked little boys during sex.
#15 by kimbongtrill
2022-11-02 at 05:28
< report >Arka is my favorite, then probably Brynhildr. But yeah the mothers are so much hotter than the daughters it kinda makes me mad they aren't the focus lol.
#16 by W3lcum
2022-11-02 at 13:43
< report >#15 the mothers are getting 4 solo scene each at least. Then there is 1 oyakodon scene for each of them and some harem scenes. Thats honestly a lot. Probably 50 scenes for the mothers. They are also getting animated h-scenes.
There will be a lot of focus between them and the daughters. Because thats the story this time.
Unlike the previous game were the sub characters only had 1 scene and no appearance in the main story. This time its gonna be rly different with many character interactions. The scenario writer Houkiboshi tweeted about it already. Honestly, it sounds more like we got 20 main characters instead of 10.
I am really glad the mothers are getting popular. They slowly built them up and I prefer the mothers over the random sub characters.

As someone who prefers MILFs/Mommys and Onee-chan characters, the Dark Elf is the worst one imo. Her VA is bad. Listen to her previous roles Lecia and Celestia. If she is already voicing a character who is supposed to be a damn mother. At least sound like one. But she literally just sounds the same no matter if child, highschool girl or an adult.

The dark Elf also dosent have a motherly personality. I dont mind her being a virgin. But honestly I cant even call her a mother or milf. Especially after listening to her voice. Thats not a mommy to me. Not even an onee-san type. She is just a virgin adult who couldn't get laid.
All the other mothers have experience and a motherly personality. She got nothing. The principal is more of a mommy than she and the teacher is an energetic onee-san who always wanted a little brother.
You could make her a mad scientist schoolgirl and there would be no difference. Would have been better that way.
Might as well just see her as an annoying teacher who is after your semen cause of science, which is already the whole point of her character. Like the teacher from Love x Holic.
Awesome design but not a milf and shit va. Good that all the other mothers are great and the principal fills the 10th milf.Last modified on 2022-11-02 at 15:23
#17 by W3lcum
2022-11-02 at 15:35
< report >#14 nun has 3 shota scenes. She is a shotacon, so that aint a surprise.

You should also start to forget about the whole husband thing. They will never appear. Mostly gonna compare husband dick to MC like usual. Pretty sure most of them are still married besides Fáfnir (widow).
But since its never mentioned just think they are dead. There is no informations about them in the first place.Last modified on 2022-11-02 at 15:47
#18 by kratoscar2008
2022-11-03 at 06:22
< report >#17
I dont mean the shota MC scenes but dont want to hear she has fucked around. Do like the teachers of the previous games who have a shota fetish but they didnt go hunting and fucking shotas.
#19 by goldgrande
2022-11-04 at 14:24
< report >The most we get from the moms is them saying "I never had one as good as you" or "it's been so long that I've had dick". The moms are there more out of interest to see who birthed the hot daughters. The husbands aare pretty nonexistent.
#20 by kratoscar2008
2022-11-04 at 14:56
< report >And hope it stays that way.
#21 by goldgrande
2022-11-04 at 16:33
< report >In the chou ero appli artbook interview, the creators said NTR won't be a thing in motto! Haramase!.

The new q&a segment with the characters updated today essentially confirmed that all girls in yggdrasil have giant breaks. A cup breasts on an adult are a legend they say. I think it's a world where the native men are so desensitized to giant tits that they need to import isekai MCs to repopulate
#22 by scharlach927
2022-11-24 at 16:29
< report >Ok, hear me out. Since I'm an audiophile, I'm very picky when it comes to voice acting and it can honestly make or break a character for me. I put high value on characters/voice actors that have a very distinctive voice. (Remember Aster from Black Clover? Most hated the screams but I found it absolutely glorious)
Anyhow, when talking about my favorite characters, next to the art design, voice is also important. Hence, I want to tell you what my ranking of the daughters is, based on how both fits together for me.

1. Hands down Eibel. Call me a basic bitch but her calm and soothing voice fits perfectly and...ahem...dam she thicc
2. Anastasia. Just so much character in that voice and I like that down-to-earth design. Wait, no wonder I like the voice, she also played best mom Kasumi
3. Lixual. Speaking of Kasumi, Lixual has the same voice actress as her daughter from that earlier title. Except here, the voice now actually fits. Didn't expect that deep voice but now that I let it sink in, yeah perfectly fits the chuunibyou trope like Lelouche voice for our boy Dark Flame Master Yuuta. Only pet peeve for Lixual is that the milkers feel out of place compared to her flimsy frame (same goes for her sister of course).
4. Liliera. Surprised not many people voted for her. Again the token shy succubus character but I kinda like the archetype. I actually don't like her VA, mainly because of Lilynda (let's be real, her moaning is bad) but with the higher pitch it's actually more passable. Will have to see.
5. Mei. I don't hate the modern tsundere trope. You could even say I like it. But honestly, we don't need every main heroine of this series to be a carbon copy of each other. They just seem to be changing the hairstyle each time. What's next, braids?
6. Makina. Like Mei, this one is also a doppelganger to the point where it's even the same VA as last time. People really seem to like the 'Salami voice' (desu wa). I just can't place her higher because I know the VA voiced Elizasleyn and Rise before and this here just doesn't bring out what I like about her voice. Also RIP eardrums.
7. Kriemhild. Pretty solid performance, stellar voice actress. Just doesn't fit the character. I'm just happy that they didn't give her the same VA of Lecia whom #16 pointed out. The personality will still probably lead to interesting dynamics.
8. Dyzenia. I really really hate the kusogaki archetype. Voice fits perfectly and makes it even worse tbh.
9. Meena. Boring. Overdone trope, voice acting not really special and what irks me most: mazaa. Just stop. Also you will never be Shachi
10. Huh a gyaru high elf, that's interesti--oh no wtf is this shit??? Goshupippi? GOSHUPIPPI? Aw hell naw


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