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#1 by NaioHoras
2022-10-08 at 12:31
< report >while we are at it, do you know how similar Qianfu: Chi Tu and Chi Tu Yangguang Ban? perhaps you know more about the games because you seems to know Chinese.

the desc said that the latter is censored ver of the former, so there's possibility that we need to merge it.Last modified on 2022-10-08 at 12:32
#2 by qpo
2022-10-08 at 13:39
< report >I haven't played any version of the game (Chi Tu), but since the it's pretty famous in China I have heard something about it.

The game tells the story of a Chinese double agent during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

The original version (Qianfu: Chi Tu) was removed in September 2015, due to "certain elements that deemed not suitable to China's government requirement" (quote from link).

Chi Tu Yangguang Ban is a remake of the original version. (阳光版 can be translated as Sunshine Edition, so it's not hard to imagine what were changed.)
According to link, the changes include:
- The tone became less dark and more funny.
- Many stolen graphic and music assets used in the original version were replaced with authorised assets.
- Added an detective mode similar to Ace Attorney. (There was no gameplay element in the original version.)

In 2019, another remake The Invisible Guardian was released. It's a choice-based game with photographic assets which may also belong here. (Here's a video: link)Last modified on 2022-10-08 at 13:51
#3 by NaioHoras
2022-10-08 at 14:09
< report >I see. sounds like while the remake take source and heavily follow the original story, it still has quite differences with the original. but yeah, there is still a large room for questions, and the only way to make sure is to play them and compare the scripts directly.
thank you for the information.

about The Invisible Guardian, it looks like an interactive movie with forced auto-play, so I doubt it can be added to the db.


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