MTL Patch not working

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#1 by steino301
2022-10-18 at 18:08
< report >After replacing the two files with the english patch the game won't boot up anymonre. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem and knows how to fix it?
#2 by amatakun
2022-10-18 at 20:48
< report >yea its not working .. even Amaemi-longing for you- vn patch not working i hope SVN fix it
#3 by SVN
2022-10-18 at 22:31
< report >About Kyouiku Shidou, You have to install the game before applying the patchLast modified on 2022-10-18 at 22:36
#4 by SVN
2022-10-18 at 22:34
< report >I have no problem with amaemi patch. Please make sure you did extract and put the patch in the game folderLast modified on 2022-10-18 at 22:35
#5 by amatakun
2022-10-19 at 04:50
< report >it fixed :D i just change patch file name from root to amaemi
#6 by steino301
2022-10-19 at 10:23
< report >I did install the game beforehand and it was working, but when i replace the files the game instantly closes upon starting.
#7 by SVN
2022-10-19 at 18:41
< report >It's weird, I don't encounter your problem after applying the patch.
#8 by shunkyun
2022-10-25 at 23:19
< report >Some bug amaemi patch at certain scene in sakuya and iroha route the game force back to title screen.. thou saki route is fine till the end.. hope you fixed it SVNLast modified on 2022-10-25 at 23:21
#9 by SVN
2022-10-26 at 01:18
< report >#8
Thank you for your report, the patch's bug has been fixed now, you can redownload the patch
#10 by shinobuka
2022-11-22 at 00:29
< report >Can confirm, I get the same issue as others above with the patch. It crashes immediately when running after applying patch. Specifically after applying bsxx.dat.
#11 by SVN
2022-11-22 at 00:52
< report >#10
Where did you download the game from?
#12 by shinobuka
2022-11-22 at 13:46
< report >#11 SVN, it's the DL version from Getchu
#13Post deleted: Blatant piracy
#14 by SVN
2022-11-22 at 22:00
< report >#12
I don't know why, maybe because the game from that source is not compatible with the patch. Make sure you downloaded "Kyouiku Shidou - Immoral Edition - Download Edition"
#15 by shinobuka
2022-11-22 at 22:53
< report >#14 Okay thanks, I'll see if I can source another version and give it a go


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