Question About Sorting/Tag Searching

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#1 by bootler
2022-10-23 at 11:11
< report >I would like to search by latest/most popular eroge/naughty VN's but dont really know the best way or best search fields for popular new to newish VN's. New to really using VNDB for vn needs.

Sorting by Popular or Rating with the arrows usually just sort of gets you the tippy top results but not exactly ideal if youre someone that's picked up most of the topmost VN's out thereLast modified on 2022-10-23 at 11:13
#2 by Draconyan
2022-10-23 at 11:16
< report >You can do something like "highest rated VNs that came out in the last two years": linkLast modified on 2022-10-23 at 11:16


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