What happen with the notes feature

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#1 by moevora
2022-10-27 at 17:36
< report >What happen with notes feature? are they being abandoned or smth?
Notes feature is that thing that looks like a short comment in your vn list. I can't seem to find it anymore.

while at it, just want to ask if vndb has discord server or smth?Last modified on 2022-10-27 at 17:44
#2 by Yorhel
2022-10-27 at 17:48
< report >Eh, the notes feature hasn't moved or changed since you last used it. Hit the ▸ icon in your list or 💬 on VN pages.

We don't have a discord server.
#3 by moevora
2022-10-27 at 17:50
< report >oh got it! Thanks for your reply!


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