Is this going to change the otaku industry?

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#1 by zakashi
2022-10-29 at 18:01
< report >AIs doing amazing art: link


AI: you pay a few bucks per month to have access to a platform where you can ask the AI to do a lot of pieces of art for you, with each piece taking a few seconds.

Professional artist: you pay 500-1000 dollars for one single piece of art, and it takes a lot more time, and unless the artist has a very unique style, they do the same thing the AI does.

That's very impressive technology, now you can make your own game with less money and work. There are artists who use these to refine their own techniques too, there are numerous possibilities and I am very curious about what's going to happen in the long run.
#2 by cubky
2022-10-29 at 18:02
< report >No
#3 by onorub
2022-10-29 at 18:05
< report >If we are to consider that artists are getting less and less into the manga industry because of the crappy working conditions, maybe that's for the best.
#4 by encrypted12345
2022-10-29 at 18:14
< report >(Manually edited) AI art can be useful for concept art, but it's pretty impractical to make a VN where all of the art is AI art. For the work it takes to edit the art to make it professional, you might as well hire a professional artist.
#5 by onorub
2022-10-29 at 18:22
< report >#4 Not exactly, it does take a bunch of practice with tags but i feel that once enough people become effective at using them it'll be more worth it than using professionals.
#6 by encrypted12345
2022-10-29 at 18:27
< report >@5 There will always be some imprecision with AI art, much like how language translators aren't 100% accurate and sometimes get context clues completely wrong. An editor for AI art will always be necessary to fix small mistakes that lead to an uncanny valley. Well, at least not until we get true AI, but at that point, we have more to worry about than machine translation and machine art.Last modified on 2022-10-29 at 18:29
#7 by soulvnovel
2022-10-31 at 14:38
< report >hopefully

because now we have more and more who do "paid subscriptions" to see their art, including games with paid DLC, more and more people play indie games as those games are made to be enjoyed and not just money grab. what i am trying to say, the current system is corrupted by greed, and even non-greedy people are force to do the same to survive. so having AI doing art, i hope, I honestly hope, people who create manga, games, and novels, will have access to art without needing to spend a fortune due to license or whatever was corrupted by greed. imagen being able to create manga using an AI.
#8 by zakashi
2022-10-31 at 21:06
< report >Imagine being able to tell the AI what type of story you want to see with this or that author style, with a plot similar with x anime, and the AI make the anime for you within seconds.
#9 by soulvnovel
2022-11-01 at 09:25
< report >yep. #8 described what a REAL AI could do. As that is exactly what an AI is capable of. we just are not at that level of AI technology as of now. More like what we currently call AI is just a prototype of what a real AI is.Last modified on 2022-11-01 at 09:38
#10 by plisken
2022-11-01 at 09:51
< report >Not even a prototype, really. It's like attempting to bridge the gap between puppets and humans. So far we've managed to make more and more elaborate and advanced puppets, going from sock puppets to detailed, professional marionettes. Yet puppets they remain. We've gotten better at the illusion, but haven't actually had that critical breakthrough yet. The marionettes, elaborate and convincing as they may get, nevertheless simply cannot think and operate on their own. They still require the hand of a puppeteer guiding them.

Going back to the OP, I see this as a useful tool at the planning and conceptual stage, but I doubt it's going to start replacing actual people in the creative process.Last modified on 2022-11-01 at 09:54
#11 by altonan
2022-11-01 at 10:00
< report >It's pretty to look at sure, but they all have that homogenized moe look that every anime/manga/vn that came out after 2010 has. Though granted, human artists aren't doing much to change things in that department either. Considering how much the market is oversaturated with that kind of style I doubt anyone would even notice if they started replacing humans with AI.

If he was dead, Hayao Miyazaki would be rolling in his grave though.Last modified on 2022-11-01 at 11:00
#12 by zakashi
2022-11-01 at 10:40
< report >#11 not all of them have that "generic" design, there are lots of AIs and some of them can replicate some artists with other characteristics, it's not every type of art sure, but it's far from being good at only being generic, I saw some incredible sceneries being made by amateurs that aren't that far from makoto shinkai moviesLast modified on 2022-11-01 at 10:41
#13 by ravena
2022-11-01 at 12:52
< report >I bought novelAI subscription. And while it was fun for some time, it gets boring quickly. It really feels like all generic characters merged into one, but with deformed hands. It works kinda okay with sceneries as long as you don’t look at the details, but the characters are hopelessly boring, no matter what tags you use.Last modified on 2022-11-01 at 16:11
#14 by sanahtlig
2022-11-02 at 17:59
< report >This seems like a neat tool for small-time devs to generate/enhance art assets for super-niche indie games on a shoestring budget. Imagine, for example, taking low-quality concept drawings by a non-artist and then using AI to fill in the details. This could reduce the skill-set and personnel required to make a decent game, especially for content types that tend to repel professional artists (some artists refuse to do H-content, for example).Last modified on 2022-11-02 at 18:06
#15 by diabloryuzaki
2022-11-03 at 00:23
< report >as long you have basic image and can give proper tags, this image generator by AI is amazing tool. sadly it is really challenging to used it for the first time because

1. tutorial is not helpful for beginner

2. basic image can be taken from internet, game or create by yourself. if you don't know how they process your basic image, no matter how amazing that basic image the result still unpredictable

3. tags is important in here, some of them even need you to give tags so they can generate it based on given tags. sadly no clear rule for this feature resulting your output will be unknown, worst or miracle

this image generator trend is cool but of course not for production like for example a vn, you can't just let the reader see a vn with two illustration style like hinoue itaru (clannad, rewrite) and na-ga (summer pocket) at the same time because it is just look so weird from illustrator perspective and market perspective unless that vn is collaboration like in recent mobage
#16 by Ke
2022-11-10 at 02:56
< report >@6 I agree an editor for AI art sounds like something that would actually happen in the industry I say we might get a lot more CG depending on how good it gets over the years.
#17 by Ileca
2022-11-21 at 00:36
< report >Beyond the fact that I find "and unless the artist has a very unique style, they do the same thing the AI does" incredibly insulting and that I would never accept "AI" as a replacement for artists, I might not find the replacement of 3D or photographic backgrounds with AI generated BCG to be a catastrophe. Those are already very cheap and ugly but a necessity for doujin devs. You don't have to draw them with different angles apart maybe different moments of the day (sunset, night, etc.) and it should be easier to generate than characters.
Could be better than looking at the cherry room but I think I would prefer looking at the cherry room. I mean, at this point, it's pretty much *my* room.
I fear that true BCG artists would disappear if the result is too good as BCG is the last thing people care about visually.

Now, I know how little standard my fellow human follow, as you can see with MTL and the stuff of nightmare you can find on patreon slash shovelware people still buy on steam like Winged Cloud's crap, so I know that if it's feasible, a lot of people will only care about the result as long as "it's better than nothing".

Then, AI is not just drawing stuff from scratch and I am sure we could find plenty of applications that couldn't be dismissed just because you don't like AI. It's like 3D with anime. Full 3D anime? Horrendous. 3D used for the background. Ok.

Wouldn't AI be much much easier to generate 3D stuff? Like if you are on patreon, you generate your characters and environment with a prompt or some app with slides and selects. Once it's done, an AI could generate scenes. That's the problem with current AI, it creates stuff from scratch every time. Next generation should be able to have fixed properties even with 2D.
#18 by butterflygrrl
2022-11-21 at 02:32
< report >There are some games where AI-generated characters would work great, VNs generally aren't them. COuld be fine for backgrounds though, certainly better than the shitty photo-filtered backgrounds currently used at low budget.
#19 by gunnir
2022-11-21 at 03:08
< report >In the future I expect AIs to "assist" manga/anime/visual novel creators to make their work easier/faster, that's not a big loss and you may now know, the manga/anime/visual novel industry, in fact is very pressure.
#20 by kazeno
2022-11-22 at 00:15
< report >Making big money without paying the original artist a penny. The same old.

It's funny because if you use 1 second of music commercially without a license, you will have a lawsuit waiting for you. Every platform nowadays even automatically removes it or gives your earnings to the label. But when it comes to images, it doesn't matter how many terabytes of artwork these AI companies use without paying royalties.

Of course, they make sure to use only art from individuals over the internet instead of media directly from big companies because they know they will be sued to oblivion.Last modified on 2022-11-22 at 00:20


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