Killer Queen

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#1 by darkzero
2009-06-26 at 06:25
< report >Is there an English patch in the works for this game.
Note: This is my last patch question for I feel like this can become annoying (although this is also my second question)
#2 by eyeless
2009-06-26 at 12:34
< report >Lets see. Here - link -is a search query - Find all english releases of Killer Queen. If it returns at least one result - it may be what you are searching for. If not - sorry, no patch, and no even translation project to make that patch.
#3 by darkzero
2010-08-06 at 16:33
< report >Ok I know a patch is out. I click the Link and it sends me to its wiki page. But I have no clue where the patch is or how to patch it. My question is where on the page is the English patch?
#4 by karomi
2010-08-06 at 16:47
< report >Patch isn't complete jet....look at active projects in main page.
#5 by fujifruit
2010-08-06 at 17:34
< report >Its on about 80%
#6 by darkzero
2010-08-29 at 23:41
< report >So then they haven't released a patch yet? If thats the case then I ubderstand. I was feeling dumb nit being able to find anything on their wiki.
#7 by fujifruit
2010-08-29 at 23:55
< report >Nope no patch yet
He updates about every month or so..So hopefully this September
#8 by stripy-witch
2011-05-19 at 20:36
< report >Necro, but did the patch ever get released?
#9 by izmosmolnar
2011-05-20 at 08:03
< report >Do you see a release date? No.
#10 by qwertas
2011-05-23 at 00:13
< report >Seems to be on hold permanently. Just read the translated script side by side with the game.
#11 by sheeta
2011-05-23 at 06:18
< report >I wouldn't even do that. The translation is really, really bad.
#12 by baal098
2011-10-25 at 03:21
< report >Well, It looks like the translation was cancelled. It looks like a good game...


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