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#1 by random8261
2022-11-11 at 01:53
< report >Does this include interface and UI? or do we need to download the other interface patch as well?
#2 by silvercover
2022-11-11 at 22:56
< report >id also like to ask if this is a somewhat improved translation of the previous machine tl or did someone just make another machine tl?
#3 by usagi
2022-11-12 at 00:14
< report >@2 It's new - as far as I know.
#4 by Ileca
2022-11-12 at 00:51
< report >I can't believe I am doing that but I will quote a fuwa post by Hata. This is a new low for me but what can I do?

Either way, after investigating the google drive files we could determine that the one releasing the patch is called RedBeard and he frequents the Eushully Crew Discord.

Unfortunately, this project is confirmed edited MTL, so there might be oddities and a degree of scepticism is healthy. Report sections that are completely off in the #tl-feedback channel on the Eushully Crew Discord to help them fix it up. Amayui Castle Meister was also EMTL, but people said it read well... hmmm.... who knows!


The translation work apparently began two years ago and finished today, quite the pace. We'll see if this game can gain some popularity despite being edited machine translation.

As you can see on the screenshots, the UI has been MTLed as well.
#5 by random8261
2022-11-12 at 00:59
< report >I have no problem with MTL as long as they admit that it is MTL. What's really bad is when they use MTL, and then try to charge money for it. Especially if they actually spent 2 years editing it. Proper EMTL can actually be pretty good if they put the effort.
#6 by usagi
2022-11-12 at 03:51
< report >I wonder if the Russian translation is MTL too?
#7 by silvercover
2022-11-13 at 04:47
< report >well if they took 2 years in editing it instead of just basic mtl then it might be good enough for me to read this soon once I clear up a few other VNs, unless some news pop up of an upcoming proper translation comes up.
#8 by mikiru
2022-11-13 at 12:20
< report >#6
No, it's good enough, it's definitely not an MTL translation.
By the way, the group said that in November-December they will release full patch.
#9 by silvercover
2022-11-13 at 13:55
< report >#8 by group you mean the russians will release the full patch or is this about an english patch?
#10 by mikiru
2022-11-13 at 14:09
< report >#9
Russian full patch
#11 by periah250
2022-11-15 at 23:55
< report >so is this new mtl translation edited and at least legible?
#12 by random8261
2022-11-16 at 01:22
< report >Having started playing it, it seems pretty good. I'm not saying it's perfect, but they definitely put in a lot of effort and it shows.
#13 by supercell
2022-11-16 at 06:59
< report >I've played up until ch. 2 now, and so far I can understand the story and the gameplay. I'd say it's pretty good for an MTL.
#14 by random8261
2022-11-16 at 14:15
< report >Anyone know when it is best to go through Arterial Force Blade? Should I have gone through at least 1 route, finished everything else, or have done it right at the beginning?
#15 by asaki
2022-11-16 at 15:29
< report >#14 Technically you can go directly from the very beginning, although you'll obviously need to farm a lot and not to mention that there'll be a lot of strong mon... I mean duelist that you can randomly encounter (Not to mention the final boss). So yeah better wait until you finish one route for the earliest chance to go to AFB.
#16 by kagamisensei
2022-11-30 at 06:44
< report >Do anyone know why i always got Error Prompt every 5 min when trying the english patch ?
#17 by random8261
2022-12-01 at 05:04
< report >What type of error? you can use CTL+C or screenshot to grab it and translate the error message.
#18 by soulvnovel
2022-12-30 at 21:47
< report >So, can someone tell me, is this a full translation? (I don't care of grammar issues due to machine translation as long as I don't wake up parts of the game is not translated... And yes, I'm asking exactly because I don't understand any of the technical terms used by others....)Last modified on 2022-12-30 at 21:53
#19 by estranger
2022-12-31 at 07:35
< report >#18
Everything except the game settings and NG+ options are translated.
#20 by soulvnovel
2022-12-31 at 22:02
< report >#19 Excellent! I will wait another month or so to see if that will be translated as well.

Thanks for the quick answer!

The year started so go because I had been waiting for this game for years!

Happy New Year to everyone!Last modified on 2022-12-31 at 22:02


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