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#1 by harmony
2022-11-19 at 04:16
< report >dafug is that? Is AI has evolved too much to understand the concept of prose and hidden meaning or it's just another way to gloss over MTL?
#2 by Ileca
2022-11-19 at 06:21
< report >It appears to be a slick way of saying MTL. MTL do use AI to train.

"AI Translation" is a project that utilizes machine translation tools to help non-Japanese speakers enjoy Japanese games.
#3 by shinytentacool
2022-11-19 at 11:31
< report >
The UI translation has been checked by a generous volunteer, just to make sure nothing hinders your experience!
Wait that's a typo right? It'd be funny if their QA/proofreader only bothered with the UI
#4 by cubky
2022-11-20 at 09:15
< report >
It'd be funny if their QA/proofreader only bothered with the UI

Well, the reason they are even making MTLs is so that they can sell you easily produced garbage. Not sure why you expect they would want to slow it down by introducing people into the process.
#5 by shinytentacool
2022-11-20 at 10:53
< report >I've spent some time on it now. I think it's free from pronoun mix-ups, but it still reads pretty rough. Also the present names in the present mechanic are complete nonsense. Overall rough but still more readable than the average MTL, since it does seem to get all the pronouns right

Also beware, this imouto is dangerously realistic, she is nothing like the Tinkle Position imoutos
#6 by ravena
2022-11-20 at 12:49
< report >I think that the proofreader was only tasked with correcting pronouns because a lot of lines are still terrible. Some sentences are so bad I couldn't figure out what they're supposed to mean.

The good thing is that they are making a proper patch and the AI translation is only temporary. I suggest waiting for the official translation, but if you are really eager to play it now, you can buy it machine-translated, and you will receive the fully translated version for free when it releases.Last modified on 2022-11-20 at 12:55
#7 by SomeDude
2022-12-03 at 13:03
< report >The AI TL is actually pretty good for a MTL. Better grammar than some fan translations I've seen, and way better than most other MTLs I've tried (which tend to mis-gender characters a lot).

But it's still a MTL, so don't expect a top quality translation. At least it has Navi properly talking in third person, though, which is something most professional translators get wrong.

Unfortunately, it also translates Oniichan into "big brother," which, while grammatically accurate, is one of those words that siscon erogamers prefer to be left un-translated.

Hopefully they'll release AI translations for the append episodes soon, while they continue to work on official English versions.Last modified on 2022-12-03 at 13:06
#8 by sanahtlig
2022-12-04 at 02:52
< report >I don't understand why people would marvel at a machine TL release when you could just text hook the JP version--for any game that's hookable--and TL it using the tool of your choice.Last modified on 2022-12-04 at 02:53
#9 by SomeDude
2022-12-04 at 07:23
< report >I think it's because most people are too boomer / tech illiterate to figure out how to text hook and TL using another tool. Plus it saves them these additional steps.

I think the bigger question is why Japanese VN developers don't include a built-in text hook MTL when releasing their games. For the tiny amount of time required to do so, they could increase their global sales significantly. I'm sure there are a few producers that do this, but they're the minority.

Really, the decision to market globally rests on the shoulders of the developers. Refusing to include built-in text hooks costs them quite a few potential sales.Last modified on 2022-12-04 at 07:28
#10 by Marc402
2022-12-04 at 08:00
< report >#9
I think the bigger question is why Japanese VN developers don't include a built-in text hook MTL when releasing their games.

Probably the same reason why most JP games have the 'Japan Sales Only' warning at launch. A lot of eroge developers don't want to sell to foreigners at all since the earlier controversies. And for the ones that do want to eventually sell to foreigners, they might be worried that MTL will misrepresent their VN and might provide an inferior experience, possibly harming their reputation, so they're only interested in human TLs.
#11 by shinytentacool
2022-12-04 at 10:53
< report >#8
Did you read the thread? It's better than a normal machine TL
#12 by SomeDude
2022-12-04 at 12:57
< report >#10 You might be right, though it's difficult for me to understand, having grown up in the west and studied economics and business.

The whole idea of having reputation and "face" be more important than business is something that's pretty incomprehensible from the perspective of western economics, where the sole objective of a business is to maximize profit. I guess this is why we're seeing so many VNs and other anime games coming out of China and Korea now, since they tend to prioritize profit maximization more.

Though I guess that rant is a bit off topic. Personally, I'd like to see more games with an AI-assisted MTL like this one, since it's better than a text wrapper / google translate. DLSite has made great strides in bringing such games to western audiences, though unfortunately they still hold a "mosaics only" policy, being a JP-based web company. In my opinion the greatest achievement of many official translations is the mosaic removal in many English releases. From what I've seen of this one so far, the mosaics are less obnoxious than many other titles, at least.Last modified on 2022-12-04 at 12:58
#13 by sanahtlig
2022-12-04 at 15:29
< report >
It's better than a normal machine TL
How current are you with cutting-edge machine TL tools? There's been rapid progress even within the past 2 years.

For the machine TL included here to better than what you can get from text hooking, one of the following has to be true:
1) There's a human involved. DLsite makes no claim of this outside of the interface, right?
2) They're using a more advanced real-time model than what is widely available. Possible, but unlikely.
3) They're expending more computation power to produce a better result, potentially not in real-time. That's an intriguing possibility that would provide real value, as a text hook translation must prioritize speed.Last modified on 2022-12-04 at 15:32
#14 by shinytentacool
2022-12-04 at 18:33
< report >@13
I know about Sugoi and all the permutations of it. This did not get pronouns wrong from the hour or so I read of it, so it's automatically better than Sugoi
Don't need a guide, just read the thread and or the TL yourself
#15 by ravena
2022-12-04 at 20:52
< report >Someone had to edit pronouns, at least. No way MTL would get all pronouns right. They need to be figured out from context, and in VNs, sometimes the context is not within the text itself.


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