Welcome to ponyville act 2 deleted.

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#1 by Shadow582
2022-11-23 at 10:35
< report >Hello everyone , my name is Shadow. I'm currently new here , and i want to talk about something. You all know how act 1 of novel "welcome to ponyville" is ended , but that's not the end of the whole story. Act 2 of this novel should've been released , and i only found that out just at the moment when i was about to download this amazing novel. The only trouble is : act 2 is deleted. So i ask you , please return it back , i want to know how this story is about to end.

Your respective , Shadow.
#2 by Ileca
2022-11-23 at 12:12
< report >We can't return back something that was never finished. Game was cancelled allegedly because of harassment, whatever the drama was. Next news talked about some members leaving. The last news talked about continuing with animation but that was the last ever news on their website.


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