How is this NTR

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#1 by neoaquarius
2022-11-24 at 18:13
< report >Just finished the story it's just a love-triangle story. Heroine actually have sex with her boyfriend only and doesn't cheat. Boyfriend is a decent man who love heroine and support her.

The scene with heroine handjob MC and MC fucking heroine is in his dream not actually happendedLast modified on 2022-11-24 at 18:13
#2 by ravena
2022-11-24 at 18:54
< report >It's not Netorare, but BSS. Unfortunately, there is no BSS tag here, so Netorare is the closest option.

BSS is a Japanese genre where the protagonist is in love with someone, but he's too afraid to confess or is too oblivious to realize he's in love with the heroine, and someone else makes the first move. BSS means something like "Even tho I loved them first..."

It hits similar notes as NTR, but there's no cheating involved, and the heroine can't be blamed.Last modified on 2022-11-24 at 19:02


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