Favorite Long-Running Visual Novel Franchise

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#1 by lmceachern
2022-11-25 at 22:57
< report >What is your Favorite Long-Running Visual Novel Franchise?
#2 by onorub
2022-11-25 at 23:09
< report >The way Key, Yuzusoft and Otomate are in here is really weird, as i don't even think Key works reference each other, Otomate works reference each other in background posters at most and the way Yuzusoft works have characters show up in the backgrounds of each other are small nods at most.Last modified on 2022-11-25 at 23:09
#3 by subtodub
2022-11-26 at 04:44
< report >Kyonyuu Fantasy Series
#4 by cubky
2022-11-26 at 04:49
< report >Missing Dir Lifyna.
#5 by AmanoKaze
2022-11-26 at 06:38
< report >Some of this aren't even series, they're just games with the same sense of vibe due to being made by the same company. But if that rules stands out i guess my favorite would be kurukuru series and uguisu kagura's games because they are from the same universe
#6 by slashslayer
2022-11-26 at 22:05
< report >Ace Attorney, LOL. but out of all the ones there I think it's probably sciadv for me...although all titles are just in NoAH's shadow qualitatively
#7 by zenraMan
2022-11-27 at 02:51
< report >Rance Series by a mile
#8 by pomegranates
2022-11-27 at 07:46
< report >Ace Attorney as well.
#9 by barfboy
2022-11-29 at 14:18
< report >Honoo no Haramase by a country mile
Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei
#10 by zakashi
2022-11-29 at 15:18
< report >Kyonyuu Fantasy ²
#11 by usagi
2022-11-30 at 02:13
< report >Not a mention about White Album or Doukyuusei/Kakyuusei series? Not a legit poll.


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