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#1 by blacknaught
2022-11-28 at 15:12
< report >Any H-code for this?
#2 by phantomjs
2022-11-30 at 04:21
< report >You tried using Textractor? It's able to hook a lot of other Waffle titles. Should be able to with this one as well
#3 by Doujinshi123
2022-11-30 at 13:28
< report >I tried it with Textractor but it attempts to connect to a hook called Waffle2, if I remember right, then it fails and sends an error that the hook is likely incorrect.
#4 by phantomjs
2022-12-01 at 13:01
< report >#3

Textractor does not connect to hooks but rather it injects hooks into the VN (or something like that). Anyway, ignore the error message and try each individual hooks in the drop-down menu. There should be one which is able to hook it


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