New Yuzusoft game coming up!

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#26 by perch
2022-12-13 at 01:23
< report >I feel like the angel is gonna die or return to heaven in her route
#27 by norwegianboyee
2022-12-13 at 01:26
< report >First time Yuzu has most loli character as main heroine?
#28 by KEVINNGW808
2022-12-13 at 02:47
< report >???

Murasame (SB), Azusa (DR), Yuiko (NK), Sasara (NK), Sumi (BB), Ruri (TR).
#29 by AmanoKaze
2022-12-13 at 02:57
< report >#27 This game has only one, what are you on about again?
#30 by KEVINNGW808
2022-12-13 at 03:09
< report >Wait, you mean that main as in title / 1st heroine?

Like Miu, Shirley, Nene, Yoshino, Ayase, Kanna as their main title girl, right?
#31 by bobjr2000
2022-12-13 at 05:10
< report >Curious about possible incest sister for a yuzusoft title. Though most likely with whole reincarnation thing not even blood related. Personally loving the new character designs don't feel like complete rip off of past titles.
#32 by AmanoKaze
2022-12-13 at 05:16
< report >Finger's crossed for a blood related sister incest, which is something they never did before (not counting cousins or side character). Would be a good change of pace
#33 by norwegianboyee
2022-12-13 at 09:38
< report >#30
Yeah i mean as title/1st heroine.
#34 by moyang
2023-01-25 at 11:53
< report >Some background CGs on Ci-en: link
looks gorgeous.


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