Simple userscript that links from Steam to VNDB

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#1 by db-ident-1
2022-12-07 at 08:39
< report >Thanks to the new API, I have written a simple script that displays ID, length, and ratings from VNDB on Steam pages.

The script is available for installation on GreasyFork, you will need the Tampermonkey (Chrome/Edge) or Greasemonkey (Firefox) extension: link

Feel free to use it and give feedbacks!
#2 by hansfranz77
2022-12-09 at 18:15
< report >I have a question. Is it possible to color the new text differently, or make it a bigger text size to have it stand out more? I got to be honest, I looked for the vndb cover image or something that stands out on the whole page and thus missed the stats until I looked at it again. :D

For example, the Re-write+ steam page looks like that to me now.


Ideally, having something like that available in the native steam client browser would even be better, but I have no idea if that is even possible. I rarely use the outside browser to access steam.Last modified on 2022-12-09 at 18:17
#3 by db-ident-1
2022-12-11 at 04:44
< report >I might be able to make it stand out, but I just got COVID, so maybe later :).

The steam web pages have safety features that prevents linking of images that does not come from Steam, so it will not be possible to include cover image.


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