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#1 by cressalvein
2011-07-20 at 17:59
< report >Do translators ever use the voices in the game to translate or do they stare at a wall of text and work from there?

I figured I could ask since a few translators hang around here.Last modified on 2011-07-20 at 18:01
#2 by yorhel
2011-07-20 at 18:19
< report >I'm not a translator, but I can answer that: most (all?) translators I know simply work with the scripts, without using the voices at all. (Well, of course they've played the VN at least once, so they've heard them already - but that's different from translating)
#3 by enigma
2011-07-20 at 20:43
< report >Logically speaking, it would make sense to translate only from the script. Some people might mis-hear things and thus lead to translation errors.
#4 by moogy
2011-07-20 at 22:03
< report >Personally I translate everything with my eyes closed, it makes for a more authentic experience.

What kind of ridiculously stupid question is this, obviously you have to look at the text to translate script files.
#5 by logros13
2011-07-20 at 23:48
< report >"What kind of ridiculously stupid question is this"

i think what he meant was do you use only the text or the text AND voices not if you use only the voices, which imo is no stupid question.Last modified on 2011-07-20 at 23:50
#6 by moogy
2011-07-21 at 00:40
< report >That still doesn't make any sense. Why would you need the listen to the voices for any reason.
#7 by justinizhere
2011-07-21 at 00:45
< report >i believe all the translation is done via the scripts, why would you need to take time with the voices?
#8 by raegal
2011-07-21 at 01:06
< report >Voices are not all necessary for translation, but they may sometimes be helpful in interpreting the meaning of the line beyond what it explicitly states.

Some translators also seem to use voices to mark emphasis or break up, extend and attach words and phrases.
#9 by zky
2011-07-24 at 06:59
< report >I love to listen to voices and then have Google translate do the work for me.
#10 by izmosmolnar
2011-07-24 at 13:57
< report >Well, you havta listen on voice(file)s too if the game in question is the pretentious sort with purposely opposite/different voices and text at least.
#11 by gabezhul
2011-07-24 at 14:04
< report >Well, honestly, most of you guys were jumping the gun here. Though I admit that the question is quite pointless and a little moronic, it is true that (as Izmos has said) some "artsy" games like to play with the voices, but then it's once again obvious that the translator would use the voices as a reference for that... though I have to wonder how one would translate such a game on the first place...

So again, Cressalvein asked if translator use the voices as well as the text for translation, which is kind of a "duh" question, but still it's not something you should be THIS irate about. :P
#12 by echomateria
2011-07-24 at 15:09
< report >I don't see why you all gang up on the poor guy for asking a simple question. You all need to take a walk and have some air.

If you are too lazy to read a sentence properly to understand what the guy might actually meant, maybe you shouldn't bother answering at all.
#13 by zky
2011-07-25 at 01:57
< report >As izmosmolnar said, but then again, translators would be aware of this already as they should have already played the game... other than that just scripts alone suffices.

Edit: Oh and I apologize for the previous troll post. I couldn't help it >.<

Also, out of curiosity, why would one want to ask this question I wonder?Last modified on 2011-07-25 at 02:03
#14 by justinizhere
2011-07-25 at 02:23
< report >
Also, out of curiosity, why would one want to ask this question I wonder?

i'm also curious...
#15 by cressalvein
2011-07-25 at 07:27
< report >I guess I was just wondering whether there were some translators who felt more confident in their listening skills than their reading skills.Last modified on 2011-07-25 at 07:29
#16 by gabezhul
2011-07-25 at 08:22
< report >Sorry, but once again: Duh. -.-'

I would say that if someone is not confident enough in their Japanese that they have to choose between their reading and listening skills to do the job instead of, you know, being completely proficient, they would not be translating VNs on the first place, lest they produce something like the Flyable Heart "translation"... Wait, did I just contradict myself...? -.-'Last modified on 2011-07-25 at 08:47
#17 by zky
2011-07-26 at 13:53
< report >Voices only make up so much of a VN, and most of the critically harder lines to translate are when the protagonist thinks to himself (the only exceptions are VNs where characters can have deeper conversations, but these aren't as common as you might think, typically conversations are easier to translate (for me at least)).

To put it simply and bluntly, you should not think about TLing a VN with such poor Japanese written comprehension. A "Visual Novel" is still a novel.Last modified on 2011-07-26 at 14:26
#18 by choux
2011-08-07 at 13:48
< report >In some rare cases, like Forest, it's kind of difficult to produce an accurate translation without taking into consideration of the voices.
#19 by gabezhul
2011-08-07 at 13:58
< report >Yes, but that's the exception. And anyways, how the hell would you translate Forest anyway? You would either need English voices or use two text-boxes (one for the text and one for the subs), but that would just ruin the whole thing...
#20 by izmosmolnar
2011-08-07 at 14:55
< report >I will dub it with mah sexy voice, that's how.
#21 by azathoth
2011-08-07 at 15:20
< report >@izmos, if there's more than one character, I got a really sexy voice as well. It sounds kinda like Stephen Hawkins on steroids and I'm sure I'd impersonate a sexy female well as both her and my voice are sexy.
#22 by gabezhul
2011-08-07 at 16:10
< report >Okay, you guys deal with the female cast, and I will give my wonderful mezzo-soprano to the male characters. :P

Seriously though, I think it's just downright impossible to translate that game without completely butchering it...Last modified on 2011-08-07 at 16:11
#23 by izmosmolnar
2011-08-07 at 18:39
< report >Serious answer: the voiced lines are intending to be translated in furigana writing (the small letters over normal text) from what I remember hearing.
#24 by choux
2011-08-07 at 20:19
< report >I thought I heard something about putting in more than one text box or something...or was that the Chinese translation?
But man, I would LOVE to see that voiced by you guys. It would be hilarious~
#25 by cloudscream
2011-08-25 at 11:55
< report >Sometimes the voices help a lot in identifying the personality of the character. That helps a lot especially if you are trying to capture certain nuances in your translation.


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