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#1 by eyeless
2011-07-24 at 16:05
< report >You are adding a lot of characters lately. That's good. But you are making TOO MANY MISTAKES!!!

I found your old post - t1377.41

Of course, please bear in mind, my sources including the original japanese sites/wiki of the games some of my contributes are reliable to a certain degree yet not perfect.
You should know that official site / (japanese) wikipedia / getchu usually have not only the original name (which you may copy from there), but also a name pronunciation written by hiragana or katakana, so you better not to think up your own name, but read it from reader helper.

And I don't understand at all how come you are making mistakes even in original names. Is it so hard to copy it from getchu? You are using images from there anyway.

Please don't hurry when adding new characters, and check the name twice before clicking "Submit".
#2 by echomateria
2011-07-24 at 17:00
< report >If you have no Japanese skills, install Translation Aggregator (first result in google) and enable its JParser support. Then as eyeless stated above, when you look at Getchu and see something like:
如月 修史(きさらぎ しゅうじ)
just copy the part in the parenthesis (not the actual name) and look what JParser says:
(kisaragi shuuji)
that is (most of the time) the correct romanization.

In this case, you should put,
Kisaragi Shuuji
to the "Name (romaji)" field and
如月 修史
to the "Original name" field.
#3 by luckyscamp
2011-07-25 at 00:59
< report >Well whar could I say? Never said my method using copy/paste kanji in gooogle translate was a good idea?
I apologise if these slight errors are driving you bananas eyeless.
Is there any safe links to Jparser?
Please share.
Because I do like contributing to this website (it's a public service from one angle)

Recently I have been using Getchu for my chars. Especially since my new laptop has enable me so.Last modified on 2011-07-25 at 01:04
#4 by echomateria
2011-07-26 at 14:29
< report >Everything you need to set up TA to work with JParser and every other tool is explained in detail in the forum post that you find Translation Aggregator.

As I said, first result in Google.

If you are still unable to set things up, you can just use Google translate to see how people's names are read (and written as Romaji).
#5 by baldo
2011-12-26 at 12:50
< report >Thanks for your work (I'm serious), but be warned that you mistransliterated many of the names in Shinkirou.
link 古坂 唯 is Furusaka Yui, link 鈴森 静名 is Suzumori Shizune, link ソルネ is Solne and link 風崎 夏輝 is Kazesaki Natsuki.
#6 by yorhel
2012-11-21 at 13:54
< report >luckyscamp, while I highly value your contributions, your romanizations are still often wrong. If you wish to continue with adding characters, *please* make a more serious effort to create correct entries. At this point you're overloading eyeless with work. >_>

Have you followed echomateria's and eyeless' advice above? If not, I strongly urge you to still do so. Otherwise I will be forced to ask you to quit adding entries altogether, which would be an incredible pity.
#7 by luckyscamp
2012-11-21 at 17:14
< report >First thing, I do use google translate with romanji as echo as suggested. This often helps.
Secondly, I was retired before October, then just came back feeling some titles are need of profiles, and I am still planning on full retirement.
I love doing this and am thrilled that several others are carrying that torch.
Some images are tough to find online. Obviously I could have done better but I helped made the profiles one of the successful fields here.
And if you have more solutions on how I could even better this, please share.
#8 by yorhel
2012-11-21 at 20:17
< report >echo did not suggest to use google translate. In fact, please avoid using google translate at all, it's quite bad. Echo suggested you use "Translation Aggregator" (for which you have to use google to *find* it, and the tutorials on how to use it :-)


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