[POLL] Visual Novel Ranking 2022 Edition

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#1 by KEVINNGW808
2022-12-31 at 16:35
< report >Hello everyone, KEVINNGW808 here.
Today is the day we are celebrating new year!
So I wish you guys have a good new year wishes and hope for new year 2023.
Especially for you, VN players. Have a new and awesome new year by enjoy more VN release in the future!

Speak off, I have something for you about release.
I want you to take 2022 Visual Novel Ranking.
Every month has good VN release. So I will let you to choose the best VN that you play every month in 2022.

1. You don't need to pus username/discord name here.
2. Only choose one per month.
3. If you find nothing, click others.

Later, I will ask someone that related to VN youtubers/bloggers to make a video or a web about this. The deadline for this poll is a week (8 Jan 2023).

Poll form link: link

Happy new year!


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