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question about scene in near side of the moon

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#1 by timba1604
2023-01-01 at 19:40
< report >i am a liitle confusing about what happened in one scene where shiki stays locked in his room out of fear of what he could do to others, kohaku then enters the room and shiki attacks her, but with the description i couldnt say if he assaulted her or just agression, i remember some line where it was said that kohaku was crying in the floor and how he had ejaculated in response of his violence. my wish is that he didnt assault her, if someone can answer this
#2 by emrystatari
2023-03-15 at 12:59
< report >i think i know what scene you're referring to though it seems you played with a patch that cuts out the H-scenes, because if we are thinking of the same scene then there was originally a r*** scene there. If i recall it was where Kohaku was trying to come in to give food and your given a choice along the lines of make her go away or let her come in, if you choose to let her come in knowing Shiki mental instability then the h scene follows
#3 by timba1604
2023-03-20 at 04:11
< report >#2 really? the version i played had the h-scenes, i remember playing all the ends and all, and seeing all thoses scenes, as painful as they were, but this one i really didnt, if i remember it right, i was doing ciel route, wich was the first one i finished, the only scene of that type with shiki on it that i remember is the one with arcueid, when she acidentally uses her eys ability to charm him
#4 by emrystatari
2023-03-22 at 21:32
< report >#3 yeah i mean i don't know for sure what's gone on but all i can say is that there is indeed a H-scene between shiki and kohaku that is non consensual and i could be mistaken but im pretty sure it was in the ciel route and kohaku is on the floor at the end, there's a cg for it that should be in the ciel route gallery


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