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#1 by diggydugg
2023-01-04 at 12:14
< report >Just finished all the routes in the game except for one girl cause I thought she was boring, and I gotta say, I did enjoy this Game, and I sure as hell don't regret reading it, but to be placed so high amongst other vn's and even higher amongst some other I absolutely loved, I really didn't get the praise for this game. It's good. But not that good...right?
#2 by bahoaday
2023-01-11 at 14:23
< report >It's your opinion and it's OK.
Other people might consider this game a masterpiece, and that's OK too.
#3 by overkill373
2023-01-11 at 17:28
< report >just because you find yourself in the minority doesnt mean its overrated (I wish more people understood this)

But its perfectly okay, Im sure you have some things that you love that other people might not like as much or at allLast modified on 2023-01-11 at 17:29
#4 by amarinth
2023-01-21 at 11:07
< report >While it didn't live up to my expectation, I still consider this as superb romance VN, if not the best romance VN I've ever read. There's some hiccups here and there, not all perfect especially in Coda which somehow I feel the writing quality became worse. I definitely see it could be improved more, but nowdays romance VN never become as intense as this.


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