Why are crossdressing games popular?

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#1 by norwegianboyee
2023-01-04 at 18:59
< report >I've seen games like this where the main character is a dude that looks like a girl and goes into an all-girls school or something typical.
I want to have an open mind so despite me not liking it when i tried one, i want to understand why other people like it? What is it that makes it enjoyable to others? To you in particular?
Would i like it if i picked a better game?
#2 by onorub
2023-01-04 at 19:40
< report >I feel it has more to do with the girly comedy antics, like people want to have a taste of girl's love storylines without bothering to buy a yurige. Since you also play untranslated VNs, why not try Shield9, RuiTomo or Tsuriotsu? People also seemed to like Monkeys!i, but i can't attest to the quality of that one.Last modified on 2023-01-04 at 19:42
#3 by butterflygrrl
2023-01-04 at 23:02
< report >I'm female so I don't entirely understand the appeal to male players but I can theorise.

There's fun in imagining being able to sneak into the secret girl world and find out what girls are like when they think no guys are around. (Of course, these games are almost always totally unrealistic about that subject but hey, it's a fantasy)

There's fun in being able to partake of these girly settings, clothing, and actions, as just a temporary laugh without having to consider it too deeply. A few people who get into gender-bending comedy really do eventually want to be girls, but most don't, most just like the chance to dress up and be something different for a while.

Being able to watch fun pseudo-yuri interactions but then still getting the pleasure of het sex in the end. I think many people actually do like that. They enjoy a little bit of yuri, but when the sex happens they want a penis involved.

In the same way, it could kind of hit the futanari fetish but without having to explain how futas are a thing.

For a few people there's probably also some fun in the embarrassment angle of both the guy being forcibly sissified and the wacky comedy antics he might have to go through to keep his secret.

Me personally, I just enjoy playing around with gender and gender roles, and I really wish there was a translation for Oto☆Puri ~Koiseyo! Otome Ouji-sama♪ Dokidoki Wedding Bell~ The protagonist boy has to become a maid and the heroines are princes, except for the one who's also a trap. Sounds great to me! But I'm weird.
#4 by norwegianboyee
2023-01-05 at 00:08
< report >#3
Hmm, yeah i suspected some of those things. But it's nice to get it explained.
It might just be that i'm not as interested in the experience of being "girly" as some other men might who play those games so it just doesn't appeal to me in the same way. But i still find it very fascinating. I do want to try another game in the genre some time to see if i find it more interesting having what you said in mind.
Nothing wrong with being a bit "experimental" eh?Last modified on 2023-01-05 at 00:09
#5 by casualreader
2023-01-05 at 00:27
< report >I'll speak from my experience, but the main appeal to me is that you have an obvious, but still interesting twist reserved for the story from the get go, which is the reveal of the gender to the heroines. A lot of stories fail to introduce enough elements to grab the readers attention to the plot from the start, and going into any trap protagonist centered plot, you at least have that to look forward to before even starting to read. Add to that some heroines that are misandrists and the conflict is usually interesting enough for at least one route.

Other positive factors would be how the protagonist is usually voiced and they will usually have a more interesting backstory than your average visual novel.

In the end, good reads will be good reads and bad ones will still miss the tone, regardless of the setting. I don't know which one you gave a try, but #2 noted the best ones in the genre. I'd also add Otomekoi to the list mentioned.
#6 by JackDBS
2023-01-05 at 00:39
< report >Because it’s cute and cool to some people. I guess.
#7 by KEVINNGW808
2023-01-05 at 01:52
< report >Can you try Otome Domain? It's good trapge and popular too.
#8 by Ileca
2023-01-05 at 02:22
< report >It's entry-level to the Ways to Becoming Gay One Step at a Time. More efficient than drinking water.

I don't have to explain how you might crossdress from idealizing women so much you want to be them. Of course, the comedy is here to hide the true intention of this brainwashing propaganda to the train hoppers. Eventually you reach the genderbending or gay otokonoko stations (as hetero otokonoko is the exception, you will quickly run out of material) or get sidetracked into futanari territory.
It can also have slight femdom vibes where girls can take advantage of the situation when they bust you, helping you with your transformation.

If you fall from the Way, you get stuck into the lame yuri dead end because you were too shy of turning into a girl for real and prefer to stay a voyeur kind of cuck instead of a participant. If you are indecisive, you are doomed to read Ensemble games until the end of your life. Usually, watching sissy hypno can help your condition.

One day I should draw a chart of the Ways.
#9 by norwegianboyee
2023-01-05 at 02:30
< report >I highly doubt this stuff is going to make me become gay at this stage of my life, but thanks for the laugh. :P
#10 by Ileca
2023-01-05 at 02:53
< report >What, you thought I wanted to become gay when I read all that weird ass hentai crap? When I found out it had messed with my head it was too late I was already fapping to bodybuilders with tits!!
#11 by barfboy
2023-01-05 at 16:39
< report >Guys want to have the experience of entering a world they can't experience normally. A girl only school? A guy can never go there. I've never thought of Trap Protagonist games as pseudo yuri. The girls always learn the MC is a guy long before they enter a relationship. It's just an opportunity to see how girls are when surrounded by other girls in a secret world guys normally can't enter.
#12 by bobjr2000
2023-01-05 at 17:48
< report >One of subjects not touched upon as much is that trap protagonist tend to be more like able for me personally. They mostly get full voice acting, for a nukige is very rare for male MC.

Obviously not true for all of them but they can be very vanilla and not either a rapist, a crappy person, a creepy nerd living their fantasy, or just old fat creepy guy or even just a straight up pervert. They tend to make them purely innocent and make the heroines be aggressive and chase after them. Which is a nice twist for once.

Moe eroge are fine but trap games can feel little more down to earth with expectations considering the irony of the main theme being unrealistic. The trap character often is not some hero type in story saving some one but is more of comedy to see what un(lucky) situations and interactions they have to deal with while in this situation.

As a bisexual guy the yuri and cute protagonist strangely enough doesn't actual play a big role of liking the game. Often if I want those elements to be main theme I will simply look for VN where those are main theme.

The real big appeal to me is the awkwardness and the big reveal of finding out your guy. The bad ones gloss over it, who cares. The good ones will make it more of issue and comedy deciding how to feel and think about situation moving forward.

When they find out the truth it becomes the weird questions in the air. Did they think they were lesbians? Are they more or less attracted after finding out your guy? For most people the obvious taboo line was crossed and will easily just slam the door. Here their is obvious vagueness and grey area usually coming to conclusion it didn't matter which sex you are because already fallen for you and that hasn't changed. So I can relate more on a personal side.
#13 by cheekyman07
2023-01-05 at 18:36
< report >#12 #11 You know generally I avoided those vn's but the way you both put it makes it sound like it would be pretty entertaining. Do you have any suggestions on ones to take a look at?Last modified on 2023-01-05 at 18:36
#14 by barfboy
2023-01-07 at 15:59
< report >I don't want to trick you into playing something you won't enjoy. If you really want to have a fun experience, titles by Ensemble are a good place to start.
They're not exclusively a Trap Protagonist developer but a lot of their titles are trap games. Anything with the word "Otome" in it. Check reviews or pick one with girls you think are cute.
The exception is Shiny Sisters Which is a game with all the trap protagonists making an idol group together without any of them realizing everyone else is also a trap.
The only one I own is Otome ga Kanaderu Koi no Aria and it's pretty good with the protagonist being a sopranista. A man who sings soprano. Bet you didn't know that was a thing
And they invite him to the school in order to sing at an interschool competition. The only ones who know he's a boy is the girl who invited him to their school Saijou Ayaka
and their principal who's not a winnable heroine. It might be a good place as any to start.
#15 by norwegianboyee
2023-01-10 at 03:08
< report >Do all these games have voiced MC for H-scenes too? I'm assuming yes, i think that's what would be the most unusual for me.
#16 by aerkdude
2023-01-10 at 03:23
< report >Yes, most of these games feature H-scenes with voiced MC as well, they are voiced by female seiyuu obviously, so it would be no different than watching a normal H-scene in other VNs. If anything, I find it weird that a game like this does not have voiced MC in H-scene like this game.
#17 by barfboy
2023-01-30 at 07:11
< report >I now really want to play a game where a guy enrolls in an all girls school as a trap only to discover that every girl in this school is also a trap.
#18 by Draconyan
2023-01-30 at 08:31
< report >I am now enraged at the fact that the query All-girls School + Boy x Boy Romance gives zero results. I know of at least a few doujin H-manga with that same concept.
It's totally not the same thing, but the closest thing I know of is "trap sneaks into an all-girls (futanari) school": Josou de Sennyuu! Futanari Jogakuin ~Baretara Ikenai Taiken Nyuugaku~
#19 by barfboy
2023-02-01 at 14:50
< report >After you've cleared EVERY route you get to fuck the other trap idol in Muriyari!? Otome Days

May not be worth it to you though.
#20 by kiru
2023-02-01 at 15:51
< report >If it's done well, it's handled like a thriller. Because of circumstances not allowing anything different, MC gets into the situation and has to hide their true self, which then others will eventually get suspicious about. If there's no secret, it's already done wrong.

That said, most of the works are just bad. Some pitfalls:
-Constant references to MC being a GUY, to the point it feels like someone is in denial
-MC actually acts like a girl and you could replace the sparse references to the male gender with references to the female gender and nothing would change
-"Yuri" romance

I'll be honest, most crossdressing male MC games are trying to be yuri without being yuri. It's lame. This includes pretty big titles like Ruitomo (the MC could've just been a girl here, 99.9% of the text could stay the same with a slightly different background in regards to the curse needed), Tsuriotsu ("yuri" romance with Luna) and whatnot. It's the closest to yuri when you think you actually can't sell yuri. There can still be some value in those games, but that's definitely not the crossdressing part.

So while this sounds harsh: To some the appeal is that it's more yuri than without the crossdressing, and there's very little actual yuri on the market. And likewise that is probably also why some games like this exist. There's probably people who look at this stuff with a different idea, but that's usually requiring male on male, even if it's just a side-route.
The other appeal is however definitely the double life and hiding thing. It's just an easy thing to do, without needing to dedicate a lot of time to both sides of one's life. It's pretty obvious why you'd hide your gender if you attend an all girls school as a guy for whatever reasons they came up with. Other double life ideas would require a lot more work.
#21 by desann
2023-02-01 at 19:27
< report >I don't think I ever seen game with trap protagonist handled like a thriller. Well, except for Ruitomo, but it was for entirely different reason. I really doubt that most people reading such games looking for thriller. Crossdressing is usually handled as comedy.
Funny I also never thought such games as yuri or "pseudo yuri".
One of the most interesting parts of such games for me is how heroine react when she founds out that protagonist is male - and results vary from drama to comedy ("You're a boy?! Thanks God, I thought I was turning into lesbian!").

And well, also one of the main advantage those games have over usual moege is that they have voiced protagonist with face and sprite, and his face (usually) stays even in HCGs. While most of moege have voiceless faceless protagonist, and even if he has face it frequently disappear from CGs (especially in H-scenes). And also trap protagonists have more character than usual moege protagonists, which sometimes ironically makes them more manly than non-trap protagonists)
#22 by barfboy
2023-02-02 at 19:11
< report >Absolute nonsense. Trap games are an opportunity for the protagonist to visit an unseen, forbidden girls only world, not to play act at being gay.
#23 by j2cock
2023-02-02 at 21:57
< report >Yeah, it's funny when girls fall in love with a trap and question their own sexuality


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