New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!

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#26 by shigokare
2023-01-15 at 19:24
< report >Same I like the black hair MC she give a more strong vibe what I love. The other one give me a more warm kind vibe.

For Voice I think Haruna Ren would be perfect for the Blond one and Yamato Sakura for the other one. I also like Aono Musub (Yoshika VA) and Himari (Yuiko VA).

I just hope we don't get Ayana Mako (Mai VA) or Misonoo Mei (Imari VA) again. I like their Voice but I think their Voice was already used too much.Last modified on 2023-01-15 at 19:28
#27 by shanks
2023-01-15 at 19:32
< report >Aono Musubi is nice! She voiced the mother of Ria in Anetomo and she sounded really great as a mother.

I agree with you. we had Ayana Mako and Misonoo Mei just recently, so i dont rly want them either for the upcoming game.
#28 by W3lcum
2023-01-15 at 22:51
< report >I don't know about you guys. But i cant wait to see the tapestries. Hoping for a reverse bunny tapestry.
#29 by pik3rob
2023-01-16 at 00:06
< report >Really hoping they bring in new VAs. I fap to these games frequently enough that I associate certain VAs too much with particular characters.
#30 by shigokare
2023-01-16 at 03:15
< report >#28 Yeah I also can't wait to see what we gonna get. The last one where kinda disappointed for me.Last modified on 2023-01-16 at 03:17
#31 by kimbongtrill
2023-01-16 at 03:49
< report >#28 That would be nice. As long as we get two tapestries for each of the main MCs, I'd be content. I'm really feeling the black hair MC. She slighlty reminded me of Utako from Nee-chan no Susume.

Which, btw, I'm still devastated that Utako wasn't the main focus in that game. She is probably a top 3 Bare & Bunny milf.Last modified on 2023-01-16 at 03:54
#32 by shigokare
2023-01-16 at 06:10
< report >Lol I also thoght that the one is kinda like Utako. There where so many time when I thought the side Charakter deserve to be main like Utako or YuikoLast modified on 2023-01-16 at 07:56
#33 by W3lcum
2023-01-16 at 09:12
< report >The black hair one is reminding me more of Yasha.
She is giving the same strong vibe but also just wants to spoil u.

Yea the last tapestries werent that good. Its also been a while since they fully showed the main heroines nipple in a cover.

I also look forward what kind of sexy lingerie the mothers will wear.Last modified on 2023-01-16 at 12:20
#34 by gallicy
2023-01-17 at 11:42
< report >Imma wish for them to be un-related by blood so its legal to impregnate them.
#35 by shanks
2023-01-17 at 11:48
< report >Yea. Totally disagree with u. They better add MCs real mom again like in mamagoto. Already been a while since we had one.
I am 70% expecting we wont get one in Mama Daikou because of the title name and have to wait for the next mommyge.

However its fiction. Idc if its legal or not in their world lol
Thats the beauty of fiction in the first place. Its not tied to RL and u can include any taboos.

Come on dude. B&B is producing most of the time blood-related heroines and the endings were always a happy END.
Look at Utako in Nee-chan no Susume. They aint blood-related but they cant get married. Otoh Chikage in mamagoto got a happy end.Last modified on 2023-01-17 at 12:07
#36 by AlphaX
2023-01-17 at 12:23
< report >I wish they made a game with a soft netori where the mom leaves the dad(or stops having sex with the dad completely). The taboo aspect sucks if there is no acknowledgement of the father other than the mother apologizing to the husband who conveniently works on the other side of the planet with no hope of coming home.Last modified on 2023-01-17 at 12:30
#37 by Oldsoul00
2023-01-18 at 05:15
< report >Please let this have a blood related mom heroine. This should be a perfect time for atelier kaguya to release one since Anim's Itsumama series have gone down in terms of quality imo. We mommyge lovers are in dire need of good mommy nukige. They have done an excellent job with Chikage, they could do it again for sure.
#38 by shigokare
2023-01-18 at 06:04
< report >The best Character in Bare Bunny games are the mommys. So i'm already happy that we got a mommy game. After we got 2 sister game in a row. I hope we get another mommy game after that one
#39 by W3lcum
2023-01-18 at 08:38
< report >Those musumama games from ANIM are rly trash imo. The best momcest game is still Mamagoto, imo, which was released over 3 years ago...
I agree Chikage was damn good! I too hope for a blood-related mother but doubt we will get one because of the title name. I pray I am wrong and Mama Daikou does have one instead to wait for the next mommyge to get a blood-related mother as heroine.

Getchu confirmed in their genre tag that Mama Daikou is about "Married women becoming your moms and pamper you AVG". (Unless its wrong)

Thank god its not a bait title with onee-chans trying to be your mom or so.
Question is if MCs real mom is a heroine or not.
Though i saw some ppl in the chinese community speculating that this is a continuation of AneTomo and the heroines are the mothers of Eimi, Shinoa and Ria since the mommy on the left looks similar to Ria xD
I highly doubt that even though they left an impact in AneTomo. Probably gonna see MamaTomo later.Last modified on 2023-01-18 at 09:11
#40 by ceogiang1
2023-01-18 at 09:04
< report >i think we will get real mom. The real mom will find out that her son used daikou service and jealous with it
#41 by shanks
2023-01-18 at 11:25
< report >#40 I hope for something like that too!

Damn! I already love the game cover. Those 2 mommies got such a nice ass o_O
Nee Nee Sister cover looked like an unfinished product and no master-up too.
AneTomo was rather "cute".

But this one is more of Mama x Holic level.Last modified on 2023-01-18 at 11:29
#42 by shigokare
2023-01-18 at 20:09
< report >I very curious if there are any side charakter
#43 by W3lcum
2023-01-18 at 21:11
< report >imo it should have 1-2 side characters unless they go with 4 main heroines like in BakuAne.
iirc only Nee Nee Sister didnt have any side characters but imo they didnt really put a lot of love in that title and it seemed more like a placeholder.
No masterup from choco chip and an uncreative game cover.
#44 by shigokare
2023-01-19 at 06:04
< report >I hope 4 main Charakter. Still not over that Yuiko from Anetomo was only a side charakter. And I'm still angry about Nee Nee because I really love the Charakter design in the game and they waste all of them.

Also I wish someday Bare Bunny games would also get some little animation like their the Honky-Tonk Pumpkin games
#45 by shanks
2023-01-19 at 12:18
< report >In getchu its listed that reservation will start on the 27th jan. That means we wont see any informations this week and gotta wait till next friday ._.
#46 by W3lcum
2023-01-20 at 11:02
< report >one more week until B&B will reveal all the characters and the story setting. cant wait!
praying for real mom >_<
#47 by Kudenn
2023-01-21 at 10:10
< report >Yeah this game looks really great can't wait for the reveal of the all the characters and settings next week.

I just wish that Atelier Kaguya B&B would make more games like what Atelier Kaguya Honky Tonky Pump is doing instead of doing one game per year but I'm hopeful since this game would be release this March they would have time to create another one by the end of this year and hoping it would be the sequel to Anetomo.
#48 by shanks
2023-01-21 at 10:25
< report >would be great if we see a sequal to anetomo but with the mothers as heroines after this title!

though Honky Tonky Pump and B&B were both releasing only one title per year since corona started. Usually both company release a new game every 7-9 months. seems like they are back to their original release schedule before corona.

i am also expecting another game around the end of the year after this title. hopefully another mommyge in form of "mamatomo".Last modified on 2023-01-21 at 10:45
#49 by shanks
2023-01-24 at 10:10
< report >All informations up on getchu. Already added it on vndb!
We got 4 heroines and MCs mom is obv dead.
All 4 heroines are married and 2 of them have childrens.

Rinko is probably the closest thing to "MCs real mother" like how Yasha was acting more as a mother.
Guess we still gotta wait for a new momcest game (perhaps mamatomo next year). This one seems more like Mama x Holic.Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 10:15
#50 by AmanoKaze
2023-01-24 at 10:51
< report >As i suspected, they're using a "mama service" type of mom. But i'm actually surprised all of them are married. Now hoping their personality are diverse, not like anetomo where 3 of them are practically the same person divided into three. I like Kana's design, she looks like a demihumanLast modified on 2023-01-24 at 10:56