New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!

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#51 by W3lcum
2023-01-24 at 11:01
< report >Yea as expected no MCs mother and his real mom dead.
Hopefully we see a sequal to AneTomo since the mothers of all 3 heroines left quite an impact and are rly horny for the MC including his own mother.

I really like the design for Kana, Rinko and Kiyoko. Especially the first 2.
Tsumugi looks okay.

I dont think we need to worry about their personalities this time. Tsumugi is childish and more like an onee-san according to her description. Which makes her my least favourite already.
Kana a perfectionist with a mama personality. I have high hopes for her.
Rinko probably Yasha 2.0.
Question is how Kiyoko will be. Seems similar to Rinko in personality? Probably like Rinko but more genki-type.

Well, i am happy that we got married heroines and half of them with childrens instead of onee-chans.
I am expecting tsumugi to be a side heroine tbh.Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 11:12
#52 by nukihunter
2023-01-24 at 12:46
< report >Lol you guys really thought that this time Bare Bunny will actually feature MC mom this time XD . The only mom son stuff that will release later is the newest game from Tryset Break.
#53 by AmanoKaze
2023-01-24 at 13:05
< report >I mean why would you assume they won't? It's not like they haven't done that before. Especially considering in anetomo, the protag's mom is actually seeing her own son in a rather sexual way, so the possibilities aren't exactly zero
#54 by shigokare
2023-01-24 at 13:10
< report >Hmm okay no real mother that's sad but not supprising. But I'm suprisse that we got 4 main charakter and no side Charakter. But if we honst we got 2 Mother typ and 2 more Sister like charkater even they all married.Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 13:11
#55 by shanks
2023-01-24 at 13:12
< report >#52 literally exist: link

idunno why u would assume they wont. especially when they already did it long ago and they already do blood-related sisters since their first gme.
As Amano said the MCs mom in anetomo is horny for him. same for the other 2 mothers of the main heroines.
So yea, its possible. we might even see "MamaTomo" next year.

we kinda expected we wont get one in this game cause of the title.Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 13:13
#56 by W3lcum
2023-01-24 at 13:22
< report >Bro did you even read the comments? Most ppl were hoping we would get one in this title but we all knew it wont be the case cause of the title name.

This is the same thing as someone said last year "they probably wont do mommyges anymore".

Its just a matter of time they will do a momcest game. Either a sequal of anetomo, i dont know why else they would make the mothers of the main heroines so appealing, or different game similar to mamagoto.

Also Tryset Break is garbage.
#57 by shanks
2023-01-24 at 13:27
< report >I am happy its a mommyge anyway.
Mama x Holic was amazing even w/o MC real mom.
So I am really looking forward to this title. After such a long time, we got a fully mommyge and imo the MILF titles were the best ones anyway.
Rinko is probably going to be like Yasha and be like the MC real mom.
Its 100% gonna be incest act with every heroine.

#54 imo its 3 mommies and 1 sister type, tsumugi being the sister type.Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 13:29
#58 by W3lcum
2023-01-24 at 13:58
< report >honestly, i am quite surprised they are all married. i thought that a sequal for anetome is probably unlikely since all of them "seem" happily married.

i dont even know why i thought that lol. They already did many married heroines in their previous games (Mama x Holic, Utako in Susume and Kyouko in Mamagoto) and it was never really an issue.
#59 by shigokare
2023-01-24 at 13:59
< report >But in the describtion from Kiyoko the Relation is describe more like Brother and Sister.Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 13:59
#60 by shanks
2023-01-24 at 14:03
< report >#59
i think we have to wait for the trial to see if she is more onee-chan or mommy.
because their relationship is like "brother and sister" but the game description says:
"is joined by Kiyoko, an old friend and married woman who also wants to be Ayato's mama"
and in her own description:
"She always wanted to spoil Ayato, who had no mother, as his mother.".

to me it seems more like she wants to stop being a sister and become a mother to him instead.
and kiyoko is actually a mother with 2 childrens anyway. thats why i think she is mommy and not onee-chan.

probably gonna be the energetic type of mommy.Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 14:08
#61 by nukihunter
2023-01-24 at 14:11
< report >#53 #55 It's not like that , I just think probability to make another Mom son game in another couple of years is just low. They had the opportunity this time to include real mom as a character but for some reason they chose to neglect it.Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 14:13
#62 by shigokare
2023-01-24 at 14:12
< report >True you may be right I hope we don't get a second Sally. Where we had a Milf that look amazing but don't act like a Milf at all.

Do your fav girl change now that we got some CG and the descibtion from the Charakter.

At first I was most excited Kana her desing was incredible but now that I saw some CG from them I'm also really hyp about Rinko she give me so much Yasha vibe and I love this so much. Choco Chip Art is again on point again
#63 by shigokare
2023-01-24 at 14:15
< report >#62 We all was thinking that the chances where very low from the beginn with but me and a lot of other people was just hopping for this.

And I still haven't give up this. Still hopen for another Mommy game at end of this year with a real mother as MC
#64 by shanks
2023-01-24 at 14:15
< report >#61 i dont think so. especially after reading anetomo, i think its quite high they will make one soon. as w3lcum already said it the main heroines mothers are all horny for the MC. why would you include that w/o any reason? lol
it would make even more sense if its a sequal.
i dont mind to wait a bit more. now we got a mommyge. mama incest act is great too.
they did a fantastic job with Yasha in mama holic already.

still better than what Anime M&W is doing for years.

>They had the opportunity this time to include real mom

as i said, most ppl werent expecting a real mom here lol. just read the title.
Mama daikou = mama substitute.
that was like 90% confirmed there wont be one in this game.
if anything we were coping xDLast modified on 2023-01-24 at 14:19
#65 by nukihunter
2023-01-24 at 14:21
< report >At least for now I will not see another sister/JK game from them. It's a win win situation for me.
#66 by shanks
2023-01-24 at 14:22
< report >#62
yea after reading the description... my fav is now Rinko too xD
Kana is my 2nd and Kiyoko 3rd. Tsumugi... is my least honestly. I have to see if I will like her or not.
Dont get me wrong but Rinko and Kana are pretty close to each other to me. really have to see how Kana's route is gonna be like.
Hoping that she is trying to become the perfect mommy because of her perfectionism.

Sally was really disappointing bro -.-
HOT AF but wasnt a mommy at all unlike Yasha and Mai. I really hated that fact.
But I think only tsumugi will be less mommy and all the other 3 like yasha, kyoko/mai and chikage type of mommies.

yea totally agree. Back to the MILFs instead of onee-chans.Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 14:27
#67 by Hodor555
2023-01-24 at 14:29
< report >Let's talk about the possibility of Mamatomo, if there is Mamatomo it means they have to make the heroine of Anetomo sidelined and make an event where the heroine's mother becomes close to the main character. Can you see how they will execute the story? To be honest, I also want to see MamatomoLast modified on 2023-01-24 at 14:31
#68 by shigokare
2023-01-24 at 14:35
< report >#67 I really wanna see it. Maybe they do it like they done it with Mama X Holic. Unfortunally Mama x Holic don't had and Mother/Daugther CG but maybe they can do this for Mamatomo
#69 by shanks
2023-01-24 at 14:37
< report >I will be honest, i have no idea how they would do that.
But they managed to do it for Love x Holic already. So i am sure they can think of something.

for example the 3 main girls won a ticket to france. its a 3 week summer vacation. (could be any country or location, dosent matter)
they invited the MC. but he got suddenly ill and had to stay at home. All the fathers got a business trip.
MCs mom is taking care of him. On the same day Rias and Shinoas mother visit MCs mother. When MCs mother tells rias mother that he is ill... she later snucks out and does some "ecchi" things to the MC.
the other 2 mother find it out and they start a war or something like that, i guess?

Its not that hard to get rid of the main heroines and then find a reason why the mother start to approach the MC more openly. They did it for Mama x Holic already.

i am expecting that they will do another MOMCEST game. When? no idea. hopefully soon. maybe 2024. i am expecting 2 titles for 2023.

They could either do MamaTomo as a sequal of AneTomo with the mothers as heroines or complete different characters with no relations to anetomo. Or a Momcest game with a different title.Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 14:46
#70 by shigokare
2023-01-24 at 14:41
< report >Can't to see who are the VA for the Charakter. Who do you guys think who is the best VA for the girls now we got some Information about the MC ?
#71 by Hodor555
2023-01-24 at 14:41
< report >#68 Mama x Holic has a "supernatural" element so they can make the heroine of Love x Holic suddenly faint and create an event where the main character becomes close to the heroine's mother because she has to make milk. So the heroine fainting is their way of sidelining the heroine and making milk is the event of the heroine's mother getting close to the main character. So, what will Mamatomo be like? Although there will be an Oyakodon Ending, so the original heroine remains, I believe they will be minor characters.
#72 by Hodor555
2023-01-24 at 14:50
< report >#69 I like the event where the heroine's mother and the main character's mother take care of the main character. That might be the plot for Mamatomo but for Anetomo's heroines going abroad without the main character, I don't think they will continue their journey. What if, we make Mamatomo an alternate version of Anetomo where the heroines of Anetomo doesn't really like the main character yet. If that happens, we have the flexibility to create a plot where the heroine's mother is close to the main character but if that happens it will lack the taboo element xDLast modified on 2023-01-24 at 15:07
#73 by Hodor555
2023-01-24 at 14:54
< report >#70 I hope the VA is different from previous games. It's a bit strange to hear the same VA but already familiar with the previous characters
#74 by shanks
2023-01-24 at 14:55
< report >#71

yea, as i said. you just need to get rid of the 3 main heroines from anetomo for a specific time frame and give the mothers the last push to get close to the MCs. its not rly that hard even w/o magic.

main heroines = are away cause vacation e.g. different country.
reason =
1. MC working part-time for one of the mothers => mom X does something naughty. other mothers find out and fight for the MC. especially his own mother like chikage.
2. he got ill/broke something => need to take care of him (like baku ane 1)

this is something i could think of currently, there are probably some better ideas. but it aint impossible.

the thing is that Rias mother is quite attached to the MC already because he looks like his mother. for some reasons Rias mother really likes MCs mom... we dont know why but she calls her senpai.
MCs own mother wants to spoil the fuck out of her son but she is sad that he is so responsible that she cant always spoil him. But if she spoils him, her daughters (Eimi) get jealous a lot and Eimi starts to call the MC a mothercon...
those are some informations we got from anetomo. there are even more things the mothers did lol.
Like MCs mom trying to get naked and to sleep with her son because she saw Eimi sleeping with him naked and got really jealous.
Or in Sonoharas route when the MC came too late at home and didnt notify anybody. Mom got really worried and when he came back she told him that he has to sleep with her tonight. Eimi starts to get jealous and they fight with whom he should spend the time.
Or Rias mom telling the MC that she will be his wife for one night or on their first meeting she tried to seduce him in front of her daughter.

for me and some others it seemed like they kinda tried to flash out the mothers a bit already, for a possible sequal?Last modified on 2023-01-24 at 15:26
#75 by Hodor555
2023-01-24 at 15:03
< report >#74 I haven't finished reading Anetomo yet, so when you said that Ria's mother called the main character's mother "senpai". I immediately thought of Mamagoto, I think we have a glimmer of hope for MamatomoLast modified on 2023-01-24 at 15:05