New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!

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#101 by Hodor555
2023-01-28 at 00:02
< report >#98 Maybe there are no sprites with bunny outfits? They might use them but only in CGs
#102 by shanks
2023-01-28 at 00:04
< report >nah, they dont show all outfits for the sprites in the official website.
NeeNeeNee has sprites with bunny outfits which werent shown in the official website: linkLast modified on 2023-01-28 at 00:07
#103 by Hodor555
2023-01-28 at 00:09
< report >#102 Nice
#104 by Hodor555
2023-01-28 at 00:10
< report >#100 Yes, I know but I still demand all married heroines as main heroines and side heroines
#105 by shanks
2023-01-28 at 00:14
< report >thats fair
#106 by W3lcum
2023-01-28 at 15:13
< report >link
thank god! Kana tapestry looks nice.
#107 by riguru121
2023-01-29 at 00:23
< report >"Androgynous protagonist who is loved by both male and female"
Thankfully it's B and B vn 🙂
#108 by Hodor555
2023-01-29 at 01:40
< report >#107 We won't see his face, so it's okay. I guess
#109 by shigokare
2023-01-29 at 05:43
< report >Kana and Rinko both have Chinese Dress

Kana and Kiyoko both have a nun outfit

Rinko and Tsugumi both have a blue bathsuit

Kiyoko and Tsugumi both have a Maid outfit

Are this the combination that we are getting for the Harem routLast modified on 2023-01-29 at 05:47
#110 by W3lcum
2023-01-29 at 11:18
< report >#109
Maybe? But that seems a bit too much though. iirc they usually do like 3 harem scenes. There is also the question of a bunny suit.
#111 by shigokare
2023-01-29 at 11:33
< report >Hmm yeah but maybe they do it like Magamoto where we had a Mother/Mother route and 2 Mother / Daugther route.
#112 by W3lcum
2023-01-29 at 11:57
< report >We will see.
Talking about Mamagoto, it would be nice if we get a momcest with oyakodon soon. Hopefully it wont take long for them to announce one.Last modified on 2023-01-29 at 11:57
#113 by shigokare
2023-02-02 at 06:10
< report >Okay now I saw all 4 Tapestry....Kana one is the best.....But i hope we are gonna get a Kana and Reiko one
#114 by W3lcum
2023-02-02 at 10:50
< report >I like Kana the most anyway and I am happy she got the best one. Rinko looks nice too. But gonna buy Kana and probably the art-book.

I saw the flyer for the game today and it shows a bit of the heroines personality:
- Rinko: "as your mama, I'll take good care of you and pamper you."
- Kiyoko: "I'm waiting for your request, my cute son."
- Tsumugi: "Being called mama makes me feel so happy, doesn't it?"

- Kana: "you can only call me mama and no one else."
there is some extra info about Kana which isn't on getchu or in the official website.
"she seems cool and unapproachable, but for some mysterious reason she has a soft spot for Ayato and is very kind to him."

people are speculating that she is maybe the MCs real mom. But i kinda doubt that, i believe she had a miscarriage or her son died very early which is why she sees her lost child in the MC. So far she is my favourite, followed by Rinko, then Kiyoko and tsumugi at last.Last modified on 2023-02-02 at 10:51
#115 by gallicy
2023-02-02 at 13:58
< report >Lets hope that we can marry the heroines lol.
#116 by Hodor555
2023-02-03 at 04:11
< report >#113 I only saw one Rinko tapestry on getchu and one Kanna tapestry on twitter. Where are the other 2 tapestries? I'm pretty blind for this kind of thing
#117 by shigokare
2023-02-03 at 05:59
< report >#113 you can see the other two here

#118 by Hodor555
2023-02-03 at 09:49
< report >#117 Thanks, buddy.
#119 by zxabwww
2023-02-04 at 17:23
< report >Tbh this is more like usual Netori than "mommy" games. At least in mamagoto we got MC's real mother.
#120 by shanks
2023-02-04 at 18:49
< report >This isn't your usual MILF Netori were the MC wants to steal a married heroine or rape her.
Most of the times they ain't even "mommy" like. Just frustrated sex-life lol.
They never really call the MC "son" or are being called as "mama".

In Mama Daikou all the heroines want to be the MCs mother and call them "mama". Sounds completly "mommy" game though. Thats also the description of the game.
its honestly the same as Mama x Holic. All married heroines and 2/3 mothers with a mother x son relationship (incest roleplay).
They did that with Kyouko too in one of her routes in mamagoto. Utako was the same in Nee-chan no Susume.
All of them were more mommies to the MC, spoling the MC being called as "mama" and the MC as "son", than most MILF netori eroges.
Because their selling point is the netori part where else B&B is focusing on the mother x son incest play.
The whole netori stuff plays a bit of a role to make the MC feel bad and at the very end in 1 out of 2 routes from each heroine to add drama e.g. shit husband, husband died cause war (and they are stupid) or bitter sweet temptation (only utako). But its never really the main point and rather wholesome with a but of spice.

tbh this is your usual mother-son incest roleplay from B&B. We already saw it in 3 games before. Imo its a mommy-ge. They do it way better than ANIM and ANIM is using MCs real mother.
Still sux they didnt add MC real mother this time but kinda expected with that title name. Hopefully they do it for the next one.Last modified on 2023-02-04 at 19:37
#121 by shigokare
2023-02-04 at 19:37
< report >The brutal wait. Everyday I check if we got domething new
#122 by W3lcum
2023-02-04 at 19:50
< report >yea the mommy eroges from B&B are more focused on mother & son incest roleplay than stealing someones wife like your usual netori eroge.
would be nice if they finally start to release more titles with MC birth mother than pure incest roleplay.
well I am definitely expecting them to give us MCs birth mother in the next mommy game.

Why are you checking every day though? They usually update the website on friday.
#123 by zxabwww
2023-02-05 at 11:22
< report >I mean, i'm pretty sure there will be at least one route for each heroine where they got pregnant with MC's seed, and that's where the netori kicks in. I'm kinda okay if their husbands almost never showed up and they divorced their husbands in the end, but if they are still with their husbands while they are pregnant with MC and still continuing their affair, well, that kind of stories leaves a bad taste in my mouth (like they did in one of the blonde milf's route in mamagoto. They are going to full netori at the end of that route).
#124 by shanks
2023-02-05 at 12:06
< report >That literally happens everytime. Dosent mean this isnt a mommy-ge anymore. Its still very different from ur usual netori. Especially since its at the very end most of the time and in the worse route. Like last 5min. You can hardly call this "ur usual netori". Check studio pork those are your usual/classic netori games.

Utako is the prime example were the "netori" kicks in one of her routes and leaves u with a bitter end. Cause husband is a workaholic and she is seeking for love. But it never really stops being a mother x son incest roleplay, you got some extra kick on top of it.
Otoh Mai, Sally and Yasha in Holic in their pregnant route also didnt divorce but the netori was kinda not even there.
Those routes are most of the time worse than their other ending anyway. Unlike Utako there husbands kinda are shit. One sleeps for a decade, the other started war and the last one ruined their family. But those plots were mentioned in the other route.
Imo they kinda deserved it. I do question why they dont decide to divorce in the pregnant route. Utako was understandable cause whole family drama but Mama x Holic? a bit weird.

Anyway, it really depends how they make the story. I am expecting half of the husbands being trash at least. Maybe even all like Holic and I also doubt they will even have screentime. Probably appear for like a minute like the previous games. Honestly they dont even exist for me at this point. So it makes even less of an issue to me.
However I doubt they will do 4 complete routes with netori as plotline, would be too similar with each other. They usually dont do that. Expect 1.

At the end, its still a mommy-ge with the focus of mother x son incest roleplay with one route having, maybe, the netori stuff mentioned in the last scene or one heroine route being similar to Utako. I can hardly call this "ur usual netori game".
However the netori elements dont really bother me much. Because its plays a small role overall and I am here for the mother x son incest roleplay, which is the main genre.

But honestly, 1 route for most heroines from B&B games are kinda shit. Was the same for AneTomo and NeeNeeNee too. E.g. only Ria had 2 decent routes. Eimi and Shinoa both had 1 shit/stupid route.
So it kinda dosent really bother me since the other route is the better and also the longer one.

This is just my opinion. Not everyone feels the same.
Sry for the wall of text again.Last modified on 2023-02-05 at 14:42
#125 by W3lcum
2023-02-05 at 15:58
< report >A question for the guys who buy tapestries or other things from japan.

What site do you folks use? I use so far, curious if there are better proxy options.