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New Mommy EROGE from Bare & Bunny!

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#151 by Hodor555
2023-03-09 at 02:08
< report >I have my doubts about that. We already have a heroine who deviates from the theme, namely Tsumugi who is more like an older sister than a mom. So, I think the other heroines will fit the theme as they should.
#152 by W3lcum
2023-03-09 at 08:50
< report >Tbf Sally completely went away from the theme.
Tsumugi is trying to become like a mom since she is the youngest with no experience. However she is still keeping the theme.

But gotta wait for the trial to make first judgments.Last modified on 2023-03-09 at 08:52
#153 by Adwin
2023-03-09 at 10:25
< report >You guys know of any communities (discord server, subreddit, etc) for atelier kaguya.
#154 by W3lcum
2023-03-09 at 10:56
< report >I sadly dont know.
Would be cool if there was one.
#155 by Hodor555
2023-03-09 at 12:05
< report >Waiting is good but I don't know how to pass the time so I'll just speculate and I think Rinko and Kiyoko will almost certainly act according to the theme, I feel Rinko has the same aura as Mai and Kyouko so she will act as a good mommy character and Kiyoko already has 2 children so she will be a good mommy character. But what about Kanna? Since she doesn't have kid YET, I don't know if she will be the mommy character that we expect her to be. What do you guys think?Last modified on 2023-03-09 at 12:07
#156 by W3lcum
2023-03-09 at 14:15
< report >Well, I dont mind giving my current impressions on the characters with the informations we got from getchu and the flyer. This might be a bit long though.

First of all, not having childrens doesn’t mean the heroine aint a mommy.

A good example is Utako from Nee-chan no Susume. Despite not having childrens, she was very motherly. Otoh you got Sally, we literally just mentioned her, who has a daughter but was more like a teenage girl than a mommy.

Imo she will be the one with the strongest motherhood out of all Heroines. Not only has she founded [Bunny’s Mam] but for some reasons she is very kind towards the MC. Then the whole “You can only call me mama!”. For some reasons she seems “obsessed” to have the MC as a son. Also what was her reason to found[ Bunny’s Mam]?
This reminds me a lot of Yasha from Holic tbh. Especially after her story got revealed why she is so obsessed with the MC and kind to him.
But yea, she is very mysterious out of all heroines and probably gonna be like Yasha, personality-wise.

I agree with you. I get the same impression that she will be like Mai from Holic and Kyouko from Mamagoto. The crazy/dangerous type of mommies but still kind.

I think Kiyoko will try to force herself as a mother to the MC. But the MCs sees her as an Onee-chan since the MC knows her for a long time. They also used to go to school together. Probably MC to kindergarten and Kiyoko to highschool. So Kiyoko has to overcome this obstacle until the MC stops thinking of her as an Onee-chan but of a Mother instead.
Imo she will be the genki type. Aka very energetic mother, who probably goes with the mood and even teases the MC a lot. Design-wise it would fit her perfectly.

Already mentioned it earlier. No experience yet. But she really likes it when the MC calls her “mama”. So she will try to become very motherly over the course of the events.
Probably a clumsy mommy type since this very new to her. Also I believe her story will be kinda similar to Utako from Nee-chan no Susume with the whole “husband oversea and being lonely”.

Overall I get the impression that all Heroines will go with the theme this time unlike Mama x Holic.
But yea, the trial will give a better look into the characters and what we might expect.
#157 by W3lcum
2023-03-13 at 09:05
< report >VA released:

Kana: Avril Berkeley, but I remember her more from musumama 2. Which was also my favourite heroine in the entire franchise. Though i dislike that franchise after 3.

Rinko: Sally, Kyouko

Kiyoko: Chikage

Tsumugi: Yoshika (nee nee nee). Not a surprise since she also voiced Rias mom in anetomo, so I kinda expected her.

I am not really surprised tbh. Expected 3/4 of those VAs, no Misonoo Mei which is great! But I am surprised with Kana. Did not expect Momozono Kaoru as her VA. But its a welcome surprise for me since I do like her voice!

After listening to the sample voices, all of the VA fit them imo and its pretty much how I imagined it lol.
Master-up image

Trial is also out.Last modified on 2023-03-13 at 09:23
#158 by Adwin
2023-03-13 at 11:40
< report >Pretty excited for the full release, loving the trial. All of the characters are great so far, even liked tsumugi (had doubt's earlier). I hope the heroines have more interactions with each others.
#159 by shigokare
2023-03-13 at 18:14
< report >So I start playing the trial for a little and it really looks like Kana is the real mother
#160 by W3lcum
2023-03-13 at 21:54
< report >help...
I am translating the UI but I am having issues to understand this thing: link

I am not sure how to translate it... "mommy's begging course." but the text below is confusing me. Does it mean "Mommy will offer up to 7 (or is that a 1?) deep and sweet (?) services to the client!"?
#161 by Wagacansu
2023-03-14 at 10:42
< report >Yeah, thats a 7. And yeah, it says something along those lines. If I were to change something, it would be the deep part for another word more... suggestive, I suppose. I understand what they mean with deep but I'm not sure if in english conveys the same thing
#162 by W3lcum
2023-03-14 at 11:43
< report >#161 thx!
Yea, I am rly not sure how to translate the "deep & sweet part".
Maybe "tempting sweet services"?
#163 by Wagacansu
2023-03-14 at 11:54
< report >That's more in line with the subtext. If you do not want it to be so upfront about the sex thing, maybe try with "strong and sweet" or "serious and sweet".
#164 by W3lcum
2023-03-14 at 12:02
< report >Yea, I dont rly like the translation with "tempting". As you said its too upfront.

I will go with "serious" instead. Unless someone has a better option or I can think of a better way to translate it.
Thx :)
#165 by gallicy
2023-03-14 at 14:32
< report >if you can marry them in their ending, ill play the game
#166 by W3lcum
2023-03-19 at 20:07
< report >finished the trial. I loved it, was a lot of fun to read it. Especially Kana and Kiyoko.
Really looking forward to the full release.
Kana is my favourite by miles and I cant wait to find out her past.
She is the most motherly heroine and how she treats the MC as her son feels so natrual.
Probably because she is Ayatos blood-related Mother. I am 90% sure she is and 10% Ayato just resembles her dead son.
Kanas masturbation scene, was really good!
I am happy she got the best tapestry.

I am really surprised by Kiyoko. Like her a lot. My 2nd favourite.
Rinko is literally Kyouko 2.0. No surprise.
Tsumugi... kinda reminds me of Naru from BakuAne. Everytime the MC does something sexual to her, she is starting to have delusions.
#167 by Shiromaru
2023-03-26 at 12:43
< report >How far does the trial go? I'm expecting it to end after the common route ends, is that right?
#168 by Hodor555
2023-03-26 at 13:40
< report >Ended after 1 H-scene for each heroine after common route
#169 by Shiromaru
2023-03-27 at 14:04
< report >Rinko's route really surprised me so far, I decided to start with it on the trial since I thought it'd be the worst but it's a really good start.
I like how the MC doesn't bitch about not wanting it or denying what he's feeling, he just goes all in and enjoys it from the start. I wonder how that'll develop later on.
#170 by W3lcum
2023-03-27 at 15:41
< report >tbf MC still bitches about that they should't do it. mostly at the beginning but at the end he gets so much stimulation that he gets along with it.

though the MC in the milf titles usually go along with the whole stuff from the start. Its mostly the older sister titles where MC tries to deny it and tells them not to do it at the beginning.Last modified on 2023-03-27 at 15:41
#171 by Shiromaru
2023-03-27 at 16:37
< report >Yeah, I was talking mostly about the beginning. In mamagoto the mc only really started to actively want it towards the end of the routes, at least for Kyouko and Chikage. He'd always treat them like normal and they'd be the ones taking the initiative while he just stands there
#172 by Wagacansu
2023-03-27 at 17:03
< report >Well, the MC is so pure and naive that he goes all in in the whole mommy spoiling deal, not the sex thing, which he still somewhat tries to refuse. Which is neccesary in most B&B games because the heroines are so horny for the MCs that if they didn't put any kind of obstacle, they would fuck them right away. On the topic of the MC, something that rubs me the wrong way is how shota he is. Don't get me wrong, I loved the demo and I cannot wait for full release, however the MC is so petite it is ridiculous. It's specially noticeable with Rinko so far. Both in her H-scene after main route on the demo and her two latest CG updates in the main page, she is so big compared to the MC that she towers over him and honestly, it almost looks as if she were a giantessLast modified on 2023-03-27 at 17:03
#173 by W3lcum
2023-03-27 at 17:10
< report >its pretty much the same. the MC dosent actively want it. he is getting pushed into that situation same as in mamagoto. the heroines are taking the initiative.
He is trying to avoid any sexual situation. even tells them after the act, that he wont book them as "mama" if they do it again or having all these thoughts about that they shouldnt do it and he should maybe try to avoid her etc.
But in the h-scenes itself he gets along with it very fast. as #172 said. He is pure, naive and didnt get any mothers love.

I agree. But tbh I think his petite appearance fits well with his personality and the whole situation of not having gotten a mothers love.Last modified on 2023-03-27 at 17:13
#174 by pik3rob
2023-03-27 at 20:32
< report >Sucks that the MC doesnt seem to be too into it. How am I supposed to self insert in the game I got to specifically fuck MILFs if the MC dont want it. Hopefully in the actual routes he turns around early on.
#175 by shanks
2023-03-27 at 20:37
< report >#174
but thats literally like every B&B game. MC refuse at first in the common route and then he cant get enough.