VN script dumps

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#1 by sava
2023-01-17 at 21:13
< report >Hello there, sorry to bother you.

I was wondering if you maybe have some VN script dumps and if you do, would you be willing to share them with me? Any would do.
Me and a few others are collecting VN scripts and are trying to make a big repo.
Thanks in advance
#2 by Ileca
2023-01-18 at 01:03
#3 by sava
2023-01-20 at 16:59
< report >You should join the DJT discord server and ask there. Look up animecards.
#4 by shinytentacool
2023-01-21 at 00:58
< report >It would probably be smarter to learn how to dump the scripts yourself, if you plan on making a repo.
#5 by Ileca
2023-01-21 at 02:04
< report >Aka the nerd version of "learn Japanese you lazyass".
#6 by sava
2023-01-21 at 08:56
< report >I already extracted a bunch but why should I waste time on that if they are already dumped?
#7 by tester
2023-01-21 at 09:10
< report >Hello.

Alas, I have no VN script dumps, if you mean scripts as "strings". I have some code samples (including byte-code and self-hacked scripts), though, and self-made tools to disassemble/assemble some script formats (though there are some which are only waiting to be released, like ACPXScriptTool for Escude games).Last modified on 2023-01-21 at 09:12


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