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#1 by Cloyster13
2023-01-17 at 21:44
< report >I wanted to talk a bit about this VN and have a chill talk with those who also played it, so what it's your personal top of the main girls in-game?

My personal top is:

1- Yukari: I really loved her design, her glamorous and daring personality, all of her scenes were truly great, all on her was incredible, she is just beautiful, hot, elegant and also adorable, when she gets jealous is so adorable, she's also pretty funny and charismatic during her casual interactions with the MC, and the way she is very animated during H scenes... omg. Best girl no doubt in my opinion
2- Kaede: I also loved her a lot, maybe almost as close as Yukari, i considered her as my personal favorite at start, but Yukari just stealed the podium, anyway, her design is also great, i love her extroverted and also daring personality and her interactions with Shimojou (the MC), her scenes were also great
3- Konoka: A truly heartwarming girl, i loved her "caring and loving childhood friend" personality, she was also pretty funny in many ocassions, her interactions with the MC were also pretty funny and her scenes were great
4- Akira: I loved her energetic personality, and she is beautiful when acts lovable, also a pretty lovable and funny childhood friend, great design, honestly tomboys are something different, man, great scenes too
5- Lilia: I loved her, her quiet but childish personality was pretty adorable, i liked her design a lot, her scenes are great and her interactions with the MC are also really funny, the way she always tries to annoy or tease him is so funny. Umyu
6- Hinata: Her joyful personality was heartwarming for me, i really liked her sense of fulfilling what is proposed, her design was great and her scenes too
7- Nanako: She was also great, her shy personality maybe it's not my favorite but it was really heartwarming most of time, her design (well, honestly all girls in this VN have great designs, ngl, but Nanako's one in specific is probably one of best for me) was great and her scenes too
8- Rio: Her closed, not honest and stubborn personality really was not my favorite, i really did not liked her in many moments, but honestly it's understandable for her having been together with a compulsive pervert for so long, so it's great that she's the one with the highest amount of common sense lmao; her scenes were great and her interactions with the MC were funny, i guess. I don't hate her but her personality is just repulsive in many ocassions imo
9- Maya: I think i liked her tsundere side more than Rio's one, because i think she have a lot of another qualities apart of being closed, but anyway she wasn't really interesting to me, in comparison to Rio. Anyway she's great, her scenes are great and her interactions with the MC were really funny
10- Lecia: I really liked her design and her scenes were great, but her personality was the least interesting to me, she was just another tsundere but her warrior personality was funny to watch, i think she would be pretty badass in a shounen anime/mangaLast modified on 2023-01-19 at 20:55
#2 by LordeBatata
2023-01-18 at 22:53
< report >I haven't beat it yet, just played a little and didn't saw all the scenarios for all of the waifus, so this can change in the future, maybe. I'm currently playing and focusing on Succubus Gakuen, but will surely come back to this one later (in my opinion, Chou Ero Appli Gakuen and Ero Isekai Gakuen have the best girls)
1 - Nanako
2 - Maya
3 - Konoka
4 - Rio (kinda a tie between her and Yukari lol)
5 - Yukari
6 - Kaede
7 - Hinata
8 - Lecia
9 - Lilia
10 - Akira
#3 by Cloyster13
2023-01-18 at 23:32
< report >@LordeBatata Great taste, maybe your top is a bit inverted in comparison to mine, that's funny XD

I think i understand Nanako as the actual winner, she being the second main girl with the biggest breasts, her shy but nice, and sometimes daring personality is really adorable and heartwarming honestly, and her design honestly is easily top 3 for me :)

And we both have Konoka in 3rd place :), and Yukari in 5th place not bad

Hope you can continue playing it soon, maybe i should also try some other of Milk Factory works :PLast modified on 2023-01-18 at 23:34
#4 by LordeBatata
2023-01-21 at 18:11
< report >@Cloyster13 Thanks! You have a great taste too, really nice how you explained what you liked and didn't about the heroines, and even Maya and Lecia who were in the lowest positions of the ranking, you still talked about their good points. I decided not to delve in deeper about what i liked and didn't, since i still have to replay it and see everything (and maybe change my opinion?) Also my japanese wasn't that good back when i played it, so i didn't understand much of the story (i don't really use machine translation)
Yup, i noticed that xD

Heck yeah, tbh Lydia was my favorite in the previous game (Isekai Ero Mahou) and in the one before that (Ero Appli, though i say this more based in the anime as i still have to play this one), Ayane was my 2nd favorite. Both are derederes (and kinda danderes, too?), So i guess i was kinda fated to have her as my favorite lol
I understand why you have Yukari as your favorite too, i mean, as far as i remember, i saw all her scenes (along with Maya and Nanako), or maybe almost all xD, i think i didn't see the oyakodon one. And i agree that she's really nice, and very animated during H scenes, all of her scenarios were 10/10

I hope so too, i will install it again once i beat some VNs i have on my PC (i need more storage space for it (⁠。⁠ŏ⁠﹏⁠ŏ⁠) ) and learn even more jap so i'm ready to enjoy the game even more.
Actually Oppai Academy (english version of Isekai Ero Mahou) was the first nukige i played, found it pretty good tbh, played the next two releases and liked them too, i also plan on playing the previous ones (from Squeez) and the maid one later. i'm not exactly a nukige afficionado but at least for me, they make the best nukiges. If you try the other titles, hope you like them, too. :DLast modified on 2023-01-21 at 18:14


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