VNDB showing incorrect number of games on my list

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#1 by pd159
2023-01-18 at 05:42
< report >If you check my profile, you'll see that I have 30/34 games on my "List" section. A few of those "missing" entries are from additional content when I chose a particular version of my VNs, and they're just sitting in my VN list without any notes/tags/ratings attributed to them. Now, if you add up my Finished/Playing/Dropped games, that adds up to 30, so everything seems fine—however, the issues I'm having is that when removing the extra content from my VN list, it a) removes the release listing from the original VN, and b) displays as "30 releases of 31 visual novels" on my profile, even though very single game in my list is flaired as green on the left.

Does anyone else have these issues? I heard that a possible explanation for b) was that I must have at some point added a now-deleted VN, but I don't believe I've ever done so. As for a), that might be an intended site feature, but it's kind of dumb IMO
#2 by Yorhel
2023-01-18 at 06:45
< report >This is an intended feature, yes. You have r78698 in your list, which means you have all visual novels that the release is associated with. Whether you assign labels to those other VNs is up to you, and the count cares about the labels.


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