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#1 by onorub
2023-01-23 at 16:24
< report >Just a thread for thoughts on VNs i've re-read after 5 years and that i don't feel like making a review for.

entry #1: CLANNAD(last finished in mid-2014):
First and foremost, it's nice to see a better translation that does a much better job at making you understand the japanese jokes than the fantranslation that i originally went through. My main reason for loving this VN so much was how it throws into the wolves when it comes to choice-making and analysing how good it is a making you understand which choices lead to which events in the common route like an adventure book made me appreciate that aspect even more. Another notable thing is that i forgot how good the slice-of-life comedy was and it's something very refreshing after seeing how more current VNs rely so much in repetitive sexual humor. When it comes to the routes themselves, my most notable observations in the re-read are that Yukine's and Fuko's routes were better than i remembered them being and that Kyou's route was way worse than i remembered it being. I was also a bit shocked at how much stuff in the After Story i forgot about, since i still consider it the best Key route ever. Overall, seeing some consider Clannad overrated and filled with problems over the years made me wonder if i was gonna lower my rating for it in this re-read and i glad that wasn't the case and that i still consider it my favorite VN of all time without it just being me having my nostalgia glasses on.


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